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Awesome game! Love the artstyle

Awesome game, very much spot on. I'm glad there was an option to change the font, because while I love the aesthetic of the default font it's really hard to read for me. The only problem is that when reading the 'about' page the last line in some of the paragraphs overlapped with the preceeding line.

This is an amazing game. The story is interesting, emotional and a huge trans mood. The gameplay's really fun, it's nice being able to just explore the various apps and forums.

What a lovely story! The art is adorable.

oh, yeah, I didn’t complete a full day. Thanks

love the game so far! i've ran into a problem though; i can't save it. the event in the calendar was saved, but the chat started from the beggining. tried running the game as an admin and it didn't help. i'm playing it on windows 10