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Such a beautiful and happy game. I was skeptical in the first minute or so, but was soon won over by the ambiance of the game. It really connected for me, I felt like I was the one spending the day in the nature, meeting all sorts of interesting people, exploring the various trails. And what a sense of accomplishment the first time you climb to the top. Even after that and getting that all important call (won't spoil it), I found myself spending another couple of hours in the game, talking to everyone, exploring every little area, no matter how remote or difficult to reach. I wish there were more games like that. I'm almost sad it wasn't longer, what am I going to play next?

Such a cool concept and a good story to experience. Thank you for making this!

I've had a lot of fun playing the game. Is it me or there are way  many more soundtracks in the archive than actually in the game?

! Mild spoilers below !

Also it feels like getting to the point where you try to play back some numbers is a fail-state, or at least the "bad" ending. The way it is set up, it feels like you could almost play back a meaningful sequence, but everything I've tried resulted in the same outcome, intuiting that it was a bad  idea all along.