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Ayos to mga pri!

Nice game there. However didn't see the last note.

This games has a lot of jumpscare. Excellent job Dev.

This scared me tons!

Nice game dev! Really enjoyed this game. Please watch my video. Thanks!

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got a question dev, why is the doctor standing only and not roaming around? when I got to the room where he is facing, he then started chasing me. I think I shoould be  better if he roams and then chase whenever he sees the character. But all in all, it's good. Thanks!

Nice game dev, I almost jumped out of my chair. waiting for the full game.

Got me screaming! Nice game dev!

game is a little hard for me. 

Liked the game! It freaked the the hell out of me. looking forward for the full game.

This is very funny! I really liked it.

This is a good game really. But i suggest that on the demo, you shoud put some jumpscare to make the game more interesting. But overall very good game.  Please watch guys, thanks!

This scared a hell out me. This is a great game. Thanks.

Thanks dev!

Great game! however I wasn't able to finish the game, I don't have any clue how to avoid her after placing the fuse. Thanks! 

great game but a little short. I had some jumpscare. Thanks! Here's my video. please watch.

this is a great game! I have lots of jump scares. My only comment is the ghost, she's damn hot! lol

I had a l lot of fun and little jumpscare playing this game. Good job devs. If you have future games  i definitely play your games. Btw, below's my gameplay.

this game really freaked me out. Thanks for the game. Really had a good time. 

got really freaked out of the demon. Thanks for the game! really had a good time.

I got really scared out of this game. I got a mini-heart attacked there. Well done. Good job! 

This is a very pretty good game. I got licked many times to the extent of almost getting me pissed off. Hope you watch it guys. Thanks!

you really got me there. Good and funny at the same time. Thank you!

This is very cool game. I had a long time finding the key there. Great work! Thank you very much.

This almost made me cry.  Amazing game! Thank you.

This is a fun cool game. Really liked the game. Thank you!

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This is a very good game. there's a ton of jumpscares. You really got me there. Thank you very much.