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Thanks, it's heartwarming to hear such kind words. I totally agree with your critique, there just wasn't enough time to add a proper finish level and end game visual and audio feedback. I'm really, really happy that you've enjoyed it anyway c:

Thanks a lot! Yea, we were implementing stuff the last minute, so it lacks some polish like sounds and proper feedback when it comes to completing the level and so on. But I'm really, really glad that you could look past that and enjoy it. <3

Awesome! I'll definitely check it out

A cool concept for a little game. I love the sound design, it's soo cool how the different production systems and connections make a cool track when producing stuff together!

Damn bubs, that's a very pleasant game. I love the soundtrack and especially the outro. I'd love to see more puzzles like the first sound one, rather than just pulling the leavers, but apart from that, it's a beautiful piece of art. Congrats!

That's so cool to hear! I'm really glad that you've enjoyed this short adventure. It's very motivating to hear such kind words, but also such feedback lets us know about what went well and what we should improve in the future. Thanks a lot! 

 :D Thanks! I'm glad to hear that! :-0

I just can't stop thinking about how perfect the movement and feeling of this game was. It would be crazy awesome to have a bunch of new levels to play! Anyway, whatever are your plans, I'd say continue with the 3D platformers, as there are so few of them (especially indie ones) that are as well-executed as Toree.

Thanks! In glad that you've liked it!

Thanks man! Yeah, that pesky platform that some people struggle with. I'll probably lower it in some future update! Thanks for playing our game!

Nooice. Now that's a new genre of tools: a tool-coach combo. Pretty cool!

Man, the look of this game is sooo cool and nostalgic. The sounds are spot on. The movement is soooo smoooth and juicy. Awesome! The only think that I didn't like were the jumpscare parts (I'm really allergic to them :D) but apart from that the game is perfect. It's short, but I really like that, perfect amount of time to enjoy this game. Awesome and keep it up <3

That's such a great review! Thanks. I totally agree with your critique, I really appreciate such feedback, because it tells us what we could improve in the future. I'm very glad that you've enjoyed our little world and characters. Comments such as yours really motivate me to improve and develop more games like so, but also are very informative. I'm just so happy for such a comment, you have no idea :D thanks! I've already bought Toree, I'll definitely check it out!

I love the pleasant look of cards, and colors that you've chosen. The shadows, small rotation offsets of the placed cards make it look very interesting, yet elegant. I was surprised that it has worked on my phone, I thought that I'll have to use my computer in order to play that. Good job!

Wow, that's like the nicest thing for you to say. The game was inspired by the platformers I've played way back, old-school 3D graphics and music of the 90s. So, that's really awesome that you say that because that was the feeling that we were going for, I'm really glad to hear such a feedback <3 

Thanks for your feedback!

You can buy new levels in the hub for a bunch of apple c;

Thanks, that's sooo cool to hear! We already are thinking about the sequel/prequel, so we really appreciate such comments! It's really motivating, to see that there are people who would like to see more stuff in the world of Lil Flutie! <3

in trailer check out 0:39. He'll show you the way

Thanks! I'm glad that you've liked it! That's quite a score!

hey there are 8 total. On each level if you'll hit Enter/Return or ESC (if you're not on the webgl) it'll show you how much rings are on this level c: thanks for checking out the game!

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Thanks! I'm glad that you like it! c:

Also Dang man, you've found Smoothie's hat! :D That was a treat for the true explorers, so congrats!

Thanks, bub, for such a thoughtful and detailed description of the movement in Flutie. It really helps to know observations of others on this mechanic, because as a creator I've played it so much that I've already may have lost the reliable approach when it comes to knowing how it actually feels. I really appreciate your feedback <3

Damn, bubs, you've exposed us :-0

Maan, that's such a heartwarming feedback <3 we really appreciate it! We plan to expand on the world of Lil Flutie in the future, having learned so much from this project. Thanks a lot, bubs!

Queen Faith!!! I'm so glad to see you here! :D Welcome back!

Hey man, I've taken some of your feedback into consideration and implemented some of it in the new, refreshed version of Flutie, feel free to check it out on my page :^)

Thanks, man! We really appreciate that!

Thanks, bubs. The creators of the game say hello B-)

Welcome to the world of Lil Flutie

After more than a year of after-hours development, we've managed to make our game that initially was created during a gamejam playable. The game was inspired by the 90s Drum & Bass tracks and old-school 3D aesthetics. 

Check it out if you dig stuff like that! A friend of mine has created a dope Drum & Bass original soundtrack that you can hear when traversing the world of Lil Flutie. That's our first 3D platformer project like so and we would really like to expand Lil Flutie's universe in the future, having learned a lot from this project and improving on that. Let us know what you think c:

Pretty cool idea, a fun original take on the Tetris game. Great writing

Pretty coolio! I'm working on the game about fishing myself. Always cool to see what other people have come up with :^)

Thanks! It's a little unpolished, but I'm glad that you've liked it!

Thank you! It was one of my first games :p

Pretty good! :D

Super postaci i pomysł na grafę! Jak samorost, który strasznie lubię :D


That's such a cool beautiful little game. A very poetic concept, thank you for that :^)

Cool celeste intro :0