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Super postaci i pomysł na grafę! Jak samorost, który strasznie lubię :D


That's such a cool beautiful little game. A very poetic concept, thank you for that :^)

Cool celeste intro :0

That's one crazy cool concept. You can make coolio tunes with this original mechanic. Patch it up and add restart option so I could finish it!

So flippin coool!

I'm really glad that I could help :D I think that this project is the only clean one, the rest of them is quite messy :^0 maybe I'll upload something public there in some time, who knows. Thanks and be safe! 

Sure! I think that's the script: . I'm glad that you're interested in that :)

Sure we're still working on it :D I personally prepare new character or two and that takes me a loooot of ttime. I'm not that skilled when it comes to making characters. But I do that having in mind that we could use all the characters im sequels so hopefully this effort won't be wasted :0. We will be work on the game throughout this weekend, we'll see how much we manage to do. It's really motivating to see that you're still interested in our small game. I'm working on small new thing in the island area, we've fixed some bugs and added some audio. I hope that we could release the update this weekend but I'm not so sure about it yet. Thanks for support!

thanks a lot! We're working on an update with fixes and some polishes but I'm glad you've enjoyed it in it's current state :0

It's not annoying, it's great to hear such a feedback, we will have it in mind when updating the game, or working on a sequel, thanks bub. I've checked wilson and he's coolio. We're still working on a game in our spare time, but we had to move the update date a little further. Thanks for the suggestions! And yes we'll have to make it more apparent that you can interact with stuff with the "F" key, I've heared it many times that people didn't even knew that they could do that. Once again thanks bubs, it's great to know that there are people that care about sth we do :^0

We plan to update the game this weekend, polish it a bit, finish the unfinished levels, maybe add a little more content, make it so it would make more sense. Nothing too big, but an effort to make this small game a little more enjoyable. I'll ask the rest of the team if they agree to upload a public project somewhere, but if that would happen it would be after we stop working on it. I'm really glad that you're providing this feedback tho :D Also Lil Flutie may have more adventures in the future, who knows

It's such a cool little game. Also very poetic concept, soothing sound design and music. I love it

Fun game, bubs

Thanks bubs!


Oh alright, thanks for the feedback. We had a limited amount of time, so ye it is how it is. And not really, I don't know him, but I'll check him out! Thanks!

Lil Flutie says that we have to fix a few bugs or he'll get angry and maybe add some stuff to it! I've said to him that I dunno and that we'll see.

Thanks for making a video and playing our game! I love the thumbnail <3

It's the best thing that I've seen in a long time. Trurly touching experience. Happy b-day Jesse.

Thanks bub <3 We really appreciate that

Thank you so much for your feedback and for initiating such a cool game jam :)

Yup, maybe if  you'd make it a little less intense it would help, I dunno. But it's just what I think

Thank you for your feedback :). 2 player mode may be a little confusing, because I've worked more on single player. I'll take everything you said under consideration, because I plan on improving this idea a bit and making a better mobile version.

Thank you c:

Cool art and game mechanics however choosing the right jump force can be pretty anoying. Good job though

Pretty impressive for an 11 years old :) Love this crazy music and encouragment you give to the player after compleathing the challenge :D Keep it up!

Stunning pixel art and really unique game mechanics, good job!

Love the idea! And two exclamation marks in the title :D Also it's cool that the character apperance is connected to his abilities. If you'd work some more on this project it could be a very cool game :)

Pretty interesting take on a shmup genre.

Starting a game by entering this portal was an awesome idea and the portal itself looks amazing.

Pretty good for a first game :) Keep it up! :D

I really like this idea and simple yet pleasing design. Love the colours and music. This game would be perfect for mobiles :d however I think that the screenshake is too intense, it disrupted me a little.  And you have to lower the volume which appears when you hold one button and collide with this square thing.

In terms of controls response, but maybe it's just me :d

Cool game idea, I really love the art style :0 , though I wish that tail and dragon movement were smoother.

Ah ok, I understand and no, I didn't play with settings.

Cool game :D I like how you've fit so much functionality using only 2 buttons, gj. It's a hard game. I have one suggestion though: I think, that charging jump is unnecessary (and it makes the game more complicated). You don't need to make a short jump by charging jump just a bit, because you can shorten your jump by doing Slam Down. But anyway it's a very cool idea for a game :D

The controls are a bit clunky and there is too much GUI which is a little disrupting in my opinion. Love the music and environment though and good job, I bet you've worked hard on this project :)

Love the pun :D I did not expected that. Love the atmosphere and humor, I just wish there was more to the gameplay than just walking. It gives me Lisa like vibes :) Love all the spooky characters, good work!

Fixed faulty dialogue node.