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Thank you so much for your feedback and for initiating such a cool game jam :)

Yup, maybe if  you'd make it a little less intense it would help, I dunno. But it's just what I think

Thank you for your feedback :). 2 player mode may be a little confusing, because I've worked more on single player. I'll take everything you said under consideration, because I plan on improving this idea a bit and making a better mobile version.

Thank you c:

Cool art and game mechanics however choosing the right jump force can be pretty anoying. Good job though

Pretty impressive for an 11 years old :) Love this crazy music and encouragment you give to the player after compleathing the challenge :D Keep it up!

Stunning pixel art and really unique game mechanics, good job!

Love the idea! And two exclamation marks in the title :D Also it's cool that the character apperance is connected to his abilities. If you'd work some more on this project it could be a very cool game :)

Pretty interesting take on a shmup genre.

Starting a game by entering this portal was an awesome idea and the portal itself looks amazing.

Pretty good for a first game :) Keep it up! :D

I really like this idea and simple yet pleasing design. Love the colours and music. This game would be perfect for mobiles :d however I think that the screenshake is too intense, it disrupted me a little.  And you have to lower the volume which appears when you hold one button and collide with this square thing.

In terms of controls response, but maybe it's just me :d

Cool game idea, I really love the art style :0 , though I wish that tail and dragon movement were smoother.

Ah ok, I understand and no, I didn't play with settings.

Cool game :D I like how you've fit so much functionality using only 2 buttons, gj. It's a hard game. I have one suggestion though: I think, that charging jump is unnecessary (and it makes the game more complicated). You don't need to make a short jump by charging jump just a bit, because you can shorten your jump by doing Slam Down. But anyway it's a very cool idea for a game :D

The controls are a bit clunky and there is too much GUI which is a little disrupting in my opinion. Love the music and environment though and good job, I bet you've worked hard on this project :)

Love the pun :D I did not expected that. Love the atmosphere and humor, I just wish there was more to the gameplay than just walking. It gives me Lisa like vibes :) Love all the spooky characters, good work!

Fixed faulty dialogue node.

Thank youu <3 but it's way too short though :D Maby I'll work on it some more in the future :)

Ok, so there was a bug in my game which I didn't noticed while testing in Unity before building a game. I just dind't loaded the correct scenes, so another scene couldn't be loaded. And one dialogue node was wrongly spelled, so it got stuck in one moment of conversation, so I have fixed both of these issues.

I really love the artstyle! :D

More than one actually D:

I've noticed a bug, just now :/

Ufffff... That was close D:

Yoo, awesome game, love the artstyle!

Nice, interesting concept! I would love to see more of it in the future! I think that multiplayer mode would be a perfect fit for this game :D