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Created a new topic Winner

This game won second place overall for the Shacknews Slow Jam, and took first place in the "Audio" and "Video" categories.

KLIMcold, please make a new post on the Slow Jam community page letting me know how to get you your prize money.  Unfortunately, with no means of private messaging, this is the only way that I can get in touch with you.

Created a new topic Voting Extension

I received several requests for a time extension for voting.  Voting will close Sunday night at Midnight.

Interesting 2-level tribute to "The Binding of Isaac."

Instructions unclear, golf balls stuck in tailpipe.

You can continue to update your submitted games through the normal itch.io process.  You only need the submission link to for new submissions.

Created a new topic Wednesday Deadline

We currently have four (4) submissions for the Shacknews Slow Jam and the submission deadline is currently set for Wednesday, February 28 at midnight.

If you are close but need more time, please reply to this thread.  I'll generate unique submission URLs for up to five (5) days after the submission deadline.

Replied to ThomW in Theme And Rules

The reason for the rule is more to prevent a DMCA takedown of a submission for unauthorized use of assets.  If you are riffing on the themes of a game, you might not need to use the original assets to bring across that theme.  That said, I'm not going to enforce the rule, but I'd be negligent if I didn't have it there.

Created a new topic Theme And Rules

The theme of the Shacknews Slow Jam is...


The best genre changes take inspiration from the original work, find some elements that allow thematic consistency, and recapture the feel.  This design postmortem for Hitman GO should give you an idea about how this works.

What will we see?  The crew of the Normandy in a cart racer?  DOOM as a top-down shooter?  The Dragonborn jumping around in a platformer?  The possibilities are endless.

For this game jam, we will be accepting both game mods as well as new games.  There will be separate sets of rules for each.


  • The game you are modifying must still be available for purchase or legal download on March 1, 2018.
  • A link to a digital storefront to purchase or an official download page for the original game must be on your submission page.


  • Take inspiration from an original game, but unless the game is covered under an open asset license like Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules, you should not use any assets from the original game.

Hint #11: Duke Nukem (a side scrolling platformer/shooter) led to Duke Nukem 3D (a first-person shooter), Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (a 2.5D side scrolling shooter), Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (a third-person platformer/shooter), Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (a third-person shooter), and Duke Nukem Forever (an archaeological dig through first-person gameplay tropes that surfaced during its development).

The theme has been guessed (genre change) and a post with all the details about the rules for the theme will be made on Monday.

Hint #10: Warcraft (real-time strategy) led to World of Warcraft (MMORPG) and Hearthstone (collectable card game), and almost led to Warcraft Adventures (point-and-click adventure).

Hint #9: Link's Crossbow Training.  Hopefully enough said.

Hint #8: Tomb Raider (a third-person platforming adventure game series) has spun off into Tomb Raider GO (turn-based strategy) and the Lara Croft isometric action game series.

Hint #7: John Romero's Daikatana (a first-person shooter) led to John Romero's Daikatana (a top-down action-adventure). 

These are the hints for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Hints will resume as usual afterwards.

Hint #5: Codename: Gordon (a side-scrolling shoot-em-up) was inspired by Half-Life 2 (a first-person physics simulator/shooter).  It is available for free on Steam.

Hint #6: Street Fighter (a competitive fighting game) met science fiction in a seedy bar and the two produced Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (a side scrolling punch-em-up).

Created a new topic Team Builder Has Been Set Up

The team builder site is now live.


The "unread notification" glitch from last jam should be fixed now as well.  Thank you to crowdforge.io for hosting this.

(Edited 4 times)

This thread will be posting theme hints every day from December 19 through December 31.

NOTE: Thread has been unlocked so you can post guesses if you want.

Hint #1: Metal Gear Solid (top-down stealth/strategy) led to Metal Gear Acid (card battle game).

Hint #2: The House of the Dead (light gun shooter on rails) led to Typing of the Dead (typing tutor on rails).

Hint #3: The Fable series of action RPGs led to Fable II Pub Games (casual game collection) and Fable: The Journey (an on-rails RPG experience).

Hint #4: Doom (first-person shooter) has led to Doom: Resurrection (rail shooter), Doom II RPG (grid-based role playing game), and Doom: The Boardgame (Space Hulk-inspired strategy game).

After discussion on Shacknews, the theme will be announced midday on January 1, 2018.

Created a new topic Theme Announcement Question

Even though submissions will not be due until the end of February 2018, would there be any objections to the theme being announced on January 1 to give people time to design their games?

Interesting concept.  Difficult to read the instructions and the 100s limit for definitely increases the overall difficulty.

Some heuristic to ensure that the objects are not hidden behind objects larger than them would be a good improvement for future iterations.

Excellent job.  Only criticism I have is that you can't hit ESC on the "R.I.P. Don" screen to exit, you have to start a new round to quit cleanly.

Created a new topic Next Jam: The Slow Jam


The next Shacknews jam will take place in February 2018.

Created a new topic Submission Deadline Coming Up

The deadline for submissions is tonight at midnight Pacific.

If you think you'll need a little bit more time for your final submission, please do one of the following two things:

1) Prepare an interim submission before midnight.  You can continue to update your submissions after the deadline.

2) If you can't prepare an interim submission before midnight, please let me know before midnight with when you are expecting to be able to submit and I can generate a limited time submission URL for you.

Congrats on being the first entry.

Don't worry about it being a lot.  Read through the linked post and see if any ideas pop to mind from any element of the wall.

Created a new topic Theme Announcement

The theme for the Shacknews Jam is:

Shacknews E3 Meme Wall

The Shacknews E3 Meme Wall


Note that you do not have to use the meme wall directly in your game.  The meme wall is a collection of several of the more popular Shacknews memes over the last several years, and as such any of the elements included on the wall may be used.

Please submit your game through itch.io before midnight Pacific on November 5.

Post your progress using the #ShacknewsJam Twitter hashtag.


Have fun!

Jam starts Thursday.

Jam starts in one week.


Created a new topic First Theme Hint: "June 12"


The theme has been selected and will be announced on November 2 at 8:00pm Pacific.

Created a new topic Potential Game Jam Themes

These are the game jam themes with some level of promise from the previous thread on Shacknews.  If you have additional recommendations, please feel free to post them as a reply.

What makes a good theme?  It should act as a mild constraint, but not say "you must do this type of game."

  • Midadventures in cooking
  • Passive aggressiveness
  • 2018
  • Privacy strips
  • Drop zone
  • Lamp, sand, lime
  • Eggplants
  • No pixel art