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Thanks for the answer. I was afraid that i miss some content. Just saying, with just season 1 done, i must say i love the goblin girls. 
Nice work and good luck o/

I need to know, Season 1 end after Serafina knock on your door, isnt it ? Or did I miss something ? Because when I try to load the save in Season 2, I have an error and it ask me my nickname again. 
Did I do something wrong ? 

Oh, it was for maxy and mary. Thanks for the tips. I'll continue other characters then.

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I must say that the scene of giving power and then taking them back was frustrating for me. ^^"

It seems that this is the last scene of the current update ? Or perhaps it's just a non-deleted message ?

I think i'm stuck. I need 200g to fight Sarah one more time but I have not. 
The game tells me to go to abandonned cavern to farm monster part but the only cavern in world map, mc doesn't want to go. 

I must say : I didn't expect the quality of this VN when i DL it.
I might have stop at some point because I would be too disapointed if i cannot finish. 
The story is awesome and characters are written perfectly. It will be hard to wait but thanks for the game !

I don't understand. Only Lust seems to be trainable. The other 2 seems to be occasionnal. Did I miss something ?

Ok, I must say that I didn't expect this game at all. I tried it to kill boredom. With the MC and the beginning of the story, I was a little frustrated but I wanted to continue to know the rest of it.

And now that I finished the chapter 4, I need to say that the build up is insane. So much that I grumbled loudly at the end, wanting to know what's next xD.

Good luck for the next ! I followed you and will be attentive for the future :D

Oh ! Thank you ! <3

Hey ! I like the game so far. But what's the meaning of green and yellow choices ?

Ah ? Thanks for the info. I'll start again so. Good luck for the future o/

I like the game so far. The story is pretty good and i'm surprise that I have nearly 62h game in just start day 13. But I must say that i'm really not in femdom kink and the whole Camilla/Willow situation just anger me. (sorry ^^")

Is there any chance that this will not lead to femdom ? Thanks for the game and thanks for the answer ^^ 
Have a nice day

Seems like the gallery tell me that I can take a photo of her while cleaning the club house ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have the same problem. I have taken photo for all but Riley and I don't know what to do. I'm still 1/2 photo taken for all 3 Eloran girls, I don't know if that matter.

I had a crash during my game. 
Here's the traceback :

Hmm, I didn't get "Vampire vs the Ocean" and I don't know why I don't meet the requirements :(
I'll restart the game and try something else but it's hard to guess where i messed up.

Oh, that happens when you press "Enter" instead of clicking on the button to continue at start. I have the name I want now :D

Hey,  I didn't found the answer but is it normal that renaming don't do anything ? The MC keep being called Andrew. Did i do something wrong ?

"sub" was for subscription (on patreon). 

Good luck for the next ! I really like the game so far :D

Hey ! I'm just starting the game but I need to know, will the steam version will be regularly update ?
If i can't help you with sub but I can buy it at once, is there a way to have the updates anyway ? 
Good luck for the next !

This game is pretty long and I must say that I was captivated. 
I like the magics  and the "upgrade" from act 1 -> act 2 was really appreciate, even if it hurt to be mocked :p
Summons aren't that long, DoT doesn't do that much damages and I think Bosses need to have a big damage spell that force you to shield somehow. 
From ailments, I think frost is a bit broken and redundant with stun and ignited isn't that good. I can continue a bit like that but overall, It's fun to setup a frost to have the freedom to cast your powerfull spell after ^^
Otherwise, It would be nice if we could have both acts available on app. It's easier to get notified from updates like that.

Good job for the work and good luck for the future !

I'll wait the updates with impatience :p

Hey, I played Serenity before this one and found it randomly (didn't see the author :p). It's funny :D
I don't know why but my game finished and I didn't encounter some of the screenshots here. You know why ?
I stoped just next the fight in the arena. (Probably at the end of ep 1 ?).

Good luck for the next, i'm attentive of any update anyway :D

Hey ! Look promising but I must say that at the end of the 0.1, I didn't understand who MC is and why they "nearly killed him". Perhaps due to my choices.

Good luck for the future !

Question, how will you differentiate betwee free player and 10$ ones ?
If i support you here, will i all the update in the launcher ? (Game is awesome ! Good luck for the next !)

What's the maximum stat ? I'm trying to max out but it seems like 100 isn't. 

Ok, i just guessed it

Hey ! I'm just starting. What are the purple hearts ?

76 hours to complete all storyline until 0.15. I must say i'm impressed. 

Each character is amazingly written. They are all nice to follow ! 

With Autumn, I have mixed feeling because of her exhibitionnism. Not the sexual games but more for the family conflict that will occur. I love seeing her kinky and open minded tho. I would love to see what you will do with her story. 

For the Android, I really love the creation of the Cynetics. I grew attached to Ally. She's too cute. 

My favorite character remain Lin. For her personnality, her story, her attachments and the way she always push herself. 

Just to say, I think there is a bug with Maria outfits. In my game, It seems like an unique outfit is chosen (don't know when) and all outfit will be this one. Appear only for sex scenes. Seems like photos work fine. 

Good job for the work and good luck for the next ! o/

Best regards !

Ok. I didn't expect that when i started to play.
So much feels ! I saw that i missed some scenes, 1 (top right) Sky and 1 with Freya. Might need to play again to unlock them.

But I just known that this game is a sequel from Life Changing Choice that i didn't play. Is the rework version complete ? 

Good job for the amazing work and good luck for the next ! o/

Thank you for the answer and i complety understand this.
I'll just wait for the next then. Love. Peace. o/

44 hours in the game and i just reached the end of the content, just before the « big event ».
The game is really good and i really like how pregnancy and children are. It's fun because after reaching the end of the content, i spend much time with all differents event across the map and it looked like i spent time with my families before the fight.

There are some things I need to asked just to be sure I didn't miss anything.

Lady of the Lake : Is it possible to help her in the current build ? I possess the Marina but I didn't found anything.

Is there any «hidden» quests in Demesnes ? Therer are some things that could lead to more but ... nothing (Luna's people, Host servers in Roxy's, etc)

Is there anything to do with the Counsil Caretaker ? 

Anyway, good job for the work and good luck for the next !
I'll follow you with attention ! o/

42 hours and i just reached the end of content. 

Pretty good DA, all characters are good even if i don't like the way Verona and Lady Wolf treated us (I don't like being forced or toyed ^^" But it's ok, nothing too much)

I took a like on Hiho for her personnality and Isky (for the punishing part and the design of kobold)

The combat system is good and promising. I can see that all skills will have it's own tree. I would be glad to think of a build when the system would be completed. 

Some things i must say. During my playthrough, i noticed that the codex has a notification that doesn't seems to be off, so i got the red dot all along, even after trying to read each pages. 

I suppose it's normal but passed a point of the game, my level were decreased from 25-ish to 15 only on the MC and i couldn't gain any skill points anymore. Moreover, when i try to unlearn a kill, i don't get the point back. Seems like my save if doomed :(

Is it normal that some gallery scenes haven't any clues ? I unlocked them via patreon code and it seems they were the "sprite scene" after some scenes. 

And lastly, perhaps a way to farm money ? I didn't find any good way (other than looting area)

Like said, I sub in patreon and i'll try to keep it. I like your game :D
Good job and good luck for the next ! o/

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Ok I finished the game after 30 hours playing. 
I was completly glued to the story and manage to get my (the?) perfect ending.

This was one of a kind experience. Although incest isn't my thing, I was stunned by the love between them. 

Good job for the game and good luck for your next games !

I just decided to start over with the full version. The walkthrough is really nice ! 

Hi. I want to know. I'm 5h into the game and just noticed the 15$ version. 
If i upgrade now, did i missed some scenes ?

Oh ! That's a great job to find that ! I hope you find a solution then. 

Until then, let me tell that i really like the game. MC has an archetype i really like. Not too excessive, a touch a humor and long hair. (I like long hair :D) Story i nice and i'm eager to know the next ! Good job and good luck o/

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I can confirm the update doesn't work in Itch app. It's a shame because the app notify you when there is an update. 

But it's ok. Good luck for the next o/
Edit: and the app make it easy to manage games

I can confirm that we can't. 

We can't see any of the version options in the list (in  fact the list is empty). 

If I had a guess I would say the format doesn't match what itch is waiting or perhaps both direct link are too far and he can't get them behind the tip popup ? 

I don't know. It's a shame because the app say when there is a new update. 

I'll just follow you to get notified then. Good luck for the next o/

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I'm still guessing how to continue tho. Haven't unlock the last blacksmith girl gallery and the last event were the dream/memory of the parasite. 

Have i reached the end of the current build ?

I like the game. Combat system isn't finished but promising and arts are amazing. 

My thoughts on the parasite were that they are some questions the MC didn't ask and since it doesn't seems to be so bad, perhaps a perfect harmony between them ? We'll see.

In fact, i haven't anything to point out. Good job until now and good luck for the next. o/