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Woah, this is terrific! I've only watched the video (being a Mac boi), but the main puzzle game loop and presentation is top notch!

Awesome little puzzler \m/

Heya! Really appreciate you checking it out and posting a video mate! 🙌

Thoroughly enjoyed your video, thank you for checking it out man!

Thank you for checking it out! Yeah, I've sadly had to cut a bunch of stuff, this being a game jam and all... That's why there's a "To be continued"... Maybe during a next game jam? :)

It's a game jam game, and I would like to leave this as it is.
I left in the "To be continued", so that I can push myself to participate in another game jam and make something as a continuation to the story.

Thank you for playing it!  <3

Thank you for playing it @Levont! It completely slipped my mind to note, but you can in fact change the mouse sensitivity using Plus and Minus sign keys (on the number row). I've added that to the description.

That is sadly still the issue I find with builds for different platforms, sometimes the sensitivity would be either too low or too high.

Haha, thank you!

Meanwhile, this game is doing quite a U-turn...:


Hey Feddas!

Thank you for cheking out the game and taking the time to comment!

Yeah, all those comments are completely true, I did have to rush things and have overlooked some major points :) It's also wasn't helpful that I had no game-testers, haha :D I'll take your comment into consideration going forward 👍

P.S. I also just released a "making of" video, if you're interested: 

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Awesome! :) I'm super happy to hear that!

Thank you, mate!

Thank you, Dani! :)

Ok, this one caught me by surprise :) It was just so chill and meditative. And not once I felt bored. Good job, mate!

Awesome entry Dani! That jump animation gets me every time :D

Thank you my dude, much appreciated! 🙌

Loved the game Thomas! Why meat though, haha? :D

Thank you so much for taking the time for the write up and checking out the game!

  1. Absolutely agree, this will be a top priority task if I decide to pursue this idea :D
  2. Yes, I'd really like to have time or "number of bombs used" or some other metric to challenge yourself and others.

I haven't made it available yet, though I'm planing on doing a "Making of" video for my youtube channel and may decide to have it linked to the project then :)

Aw, thank you!

Why, thank you! :) I'll try adding the builds with the update once the Jam is over.
And sounds, yes, of course... can't have Bomberman without the satisfying explosion sounds 👌

Good job! This one could be expanded into a more lengthy experience. I can see you spicing this up with other mechanics :)

Hey! The concept of switching between different planes of movement is a welcome one. Although the game goes to grey screen pretty abruptly, I'm not sure if that's the end or some error.

P.S. You could fly by holding the jump button :)

Thank you, my dude! I'll definitely try to make audio a priority next time :) But it will also be one of the first update features for this one :D

I'm really happy to hear that, thank you my dude! 🙌

Thank you, Bd3n! It was so fun to push that initial idea, and see where it will take you eventually :)

Thanks a million, James! :) Yeah, it's so much fun to try different level layouts once the explosion physics are figured out. Should I even go as far as saying that... it was a blast?! :D

Thank you my man! I'm really happy to hear that!  ✨

Thank you for saying that @Sno0pyp! 🙌