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Very interesting and funny video, thank you !

Thank you!

Cool, hurry to watch it : )

Thank you !

Exactly : ) Thanks for your video !

Excellent little game ! I will replay it.

I am very flattered ! Thanks : )

I really appreciate, that's exactly my goal as an artist.

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Very nice comment. Thank you very much. This stage of the demo is just the beginning, a way to introduce the concept.

Thank you very much! I prefer wasd movement too. I plan to change with platformer commands and a unique "E" button for interactions, Limbo like, in order to integrate more actions perhaps.

Will see this bug too

You welcome : ) Did you try both versions ? Education and the last one, Vapor Maze ?

I simply forgot to reupload it, now it's available. :)


Thank you very much. Don't have a release date yet. Fall 2017 perhaps.

You are welcome, and thank you for your nice comment on Twitter ; )

You can play online now if you want. I just put an HTML5 version.

Your OS is 64 bits ?

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Ok sorry about that,

I uploaded a new file, can you tell me if it's working ?