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We just played this game on our actual play podcast! It was such a fun one-shot, with the format really suiting a sit-down-and-play scenario. The atmosphere was wonderful, and the mechanics were really easy to pick up. I'd fully recommend it, and there's also a full detailed review on our website if anyone would find it useful:

Overall we had an absolutely cracking time exploring this game, and we'll definitely play again in future if we get the chance!

We had such a great time with this game. Easy to run, easy to pick up, and encouraging imaginative roleplay over mechanics, it's a wonderful game to play out with your friends. Absolutely recommend! It's a joy to play a game where the stakes aren't world-ending or monster-defeating, but instead the daily lives of teens.

We've published a full review of the game here:

And if you want to hear the game being run, you can check out our actual play starting here:

We had SUCH a wonderful time playing Something is Wrong With This House. Beautifully illustrated and clearly laid out, this game is a real love letter to the horror genre - with a twist that you get to play the spooks.

Full review is available on our blog, plus links to our actual play episodes if you'd like to check out how the game plays:

These session zero games are such a wonderful tool to help bring real depth to your characters, worlds and games. We use them before most games and we adore them - full of thoughtful questions and prompts that really engage players with a world and make your storytelling collaborative. Absolutely recommend picking them up!

We had such a wonderful time with this game! The mechanics are easy to pick up and encourage and support roleplaying at the core of the experience. There's a really nice breadth of character backgrounds to choose from to really make your character your own. I'd absolutely recommend this!

Our full review (and actual play!) has already been linked but just in case, you can find it here:

We had a great and very ridiculous time with this game! The rules can sometimes be a little obscure, but as long as you're prepared to just make a decision and roll with it, you'll have a wonderful and very silly time.

We've posted a full review here:
And we have an actual play here:

Thirsty Sword Lesbians is such an incredible, inclusive, enjoyable game. Easy to pick up and with a great combination of emotional and combat mechanics mean that you can explore meaningful characters with real depth. We'd absolutely recommend this to any queer lover of ttrpgs!

If you're looking for more info before you pick it up, we have a full review here:
And an actual play starting here: