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This was delightful, hope you expand it into a longer game!

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This is a brilliant and witty essay on one of the greatest games of all time. It reminded me why I love Yume Nikki while also giving me smart new perspectives on it.

I'm rooting for you. Hopefully it will be a sleeper hit that eventually finds a much bigger audience. As soon as I posted my message I wished I'd said a lot more, because there's so much more that could be said--there is just so much in this game, and none of it feels like filler. Every little discovery is such a surprise and a joy. I've never played an adventure game that understands so well how to delight the player--not even close.

Can't wait to see what you do next. And to anyone else reading this: play this game!

This is without exaggeration my favorite game of all time. No other game has delighted and fascinated me like this one. It's not just goofy fun--it also has so much to say about life and death and friendship and how we spend our time (but in a goofy and fun way). It kills me that this incredible game is not better known. Since this page doesn't seem to include reviews, just wanted to say that, bye!

best open world game

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What a thorough delight in every way. At first I thought there was no way I'd make any progress at all, but then it just clicked and I amazed myself by completing it. That's good game design! And the final screens are wonderful. Psyched to see what you do next. 

What a terrific puzzler. Such an effective mood, too, which every aspect of the design works in concert to support. I got this in the Ukraine bundle but felt compelled to come back and pay for it specifically.

My only tiny complaint is that when you solve the room, and the scene zooms out slightly on the hider in his spot--it's perfect, except I wish that moment lasted a bit longer. In fact I would happily watch that hiding guy hiding away for an hour, or even all day, just to more fully absorb the profound waves of comfort and security he is clearly feeling in his secret little hiding spot. I'm guessing I should talk to a therapist?