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Wowwww that was mega stressful. Just like Iron Lung but uhh different? worse? Awesome :)

Reminds me of the Nausicaa manga, when the protagonist learns the truth about the ecosystem she loves.

The demo's out on steam

Please add a mouse invert to the settings. The game looks amazing and I would love to dive into it, but it's hard to play otherwise.

can we get a quarterly "developer is ok" post

Oh, when will my dearest radio return from the universe...

Happy new year!

eyes emoji intensifies

scary season's greetings!! ready for an uncanny game with mean robots :o

I've never closed this tab in the itch app. It reminds me to check on it from time to time :)

It would be really cool to see the summary stats from the death screen and the ship name and callsign ranked by total score somewhere, as well as a game clear counter. I really enjoy this game but that would keep me coming back :)

I don't care if I have to cross the war-torn post-collapse area where the creator lives to find the completed builds of this game 20 years from now, I'm still rooting for them

every day I wake up and I open-palm slam a refresh button. its the radio the universe store page and right then and there I start doing the moves alongside the main character

cheering quietly for sixe

u can do it

it's been so long since the kickstarter. hope you're hanging in there!!


I cried so much as the credits rolled. My gender is in a good place right now, but I remember every bit of what it took to get this far.

Thank you so much for making this for everyone.

So good. Please, just, more of this.

No problem, keyboard and mouse is okay. Thanks!

I'm so excited to put more time into this game, but is it possible to allow keyboard input even in gamepad mode like Pyre? I like to play with an SNES controller and it has too few buttons for things like activating the menu once everything else is assigned.

i finally played it

....needs y-invert

jk i love it