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What a fun time! This was great. I love the simple aesthetic of it, from the font to the notebook pages, to the red for player actions. One thing I'd suggest is adding the previous options to pages with other options. For example, I first went over the evidence instead of talking to the parents, then the evidence page suggested I talk to the widow, so I did. There was no instruction to return to talk to the parents from the widow's page, so I had to go looking for the parents' page for that. I'd put instructions for every suspect at the end of every interview/evidence page. Also, page 4's instructions to Alicia are wrong (should be 7, not 5).  I also spoke to Allison when she answered Alicia's door, but when I later interviewed her, it read like we had met for the first time. You might change the language around based on whether or not we're supposed to have met her yet. And finally, I think it might be good to have Neil's page be written like the others', as opposed to a list of bullet points.

In the end, I know we got a little hint, but there just wasn't anything concrete enough to make an accusation. We have motive, but not clues. Perhaps the culprit might say something that contradicts something else or a piece of evidence.

Thanks for the quick and fun game!

Thanks so much for your comment! Made my day! That sounds like a blast, and using props and real cocktails sounds like a great time. I'm glad y'all had fun!

I cosplayed as Alice and streamed it! <3

This is such a cool idea! I love this

Popping in to drop my playthrough too, cuz apparently all the cool kids are doing it! Thank you for all your hard work!

Super fun way to get kiddos involved. Thanks for your write-up and the pics! Very cool :3

Really looking forward to running this one in October!

Thanks for another banger! The jump scare got me haha
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I'm a librarian, and I played this on stream. Really fun game! And sorry for immediately mispronouncing your name like a DINGUS.

We played and had a lot of fun as Basil Rathbone, RDJ, Peter Cushing, and Henry Cavill (and perhaps two others...)

I played this scenario with some friends at Halloween and we had a blast! Wore costumes, added sound effects-- the works!!