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thank you very much ! she is doing a really good job so far, can t wait for more <3 and do you know if it is possible to give potions to the people in the village such as Logan 

ho ! and can you already get horses ? I built the stables but they might just find an interest later on ?

Hey ! love this game ! but I was wondering if :

-if you can manage to have more then 77 poimts with the shopkeeper and more than 41 with Hayden ?? and can Blake and the lumberjack like you ?

-I can not manage to make the aphrodisiaque, any tips ? even with the witch s help I don't find the way.....

  thank you very much for the help and ;ost of all thank you very much for the game !!!

Coooool ! can't wait for more <3 much love from France 

yeepee ! looking forward to discovering it ;^)

Great game ! love it so far... can't wait for more !! greetings from France !