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Daaaamn so sorry,, wasn't holding it XD Everything great now <3

Thank you work working so hard on it, much love from France 

on mac by the way <3

Playing on V 8.1, just starting, and even with reloading a save or re- downloading the game, still doesn't work...

Hey there ! Absolutely love the game so far, and haven't gone long yet... Can't manage to turn the clues in the inventory section, am I doing something wrong ? 

Thank you so very much for this game, looks like i'm going to have some goooood time <3

Great game ! It's very enjoyable so far ! You don't have much control over anything but I really liked it anyway, everything coming together very nicely ! Thank you very much ... Can't wait to see more <3

Would you please make a mac version? it would be awesome <3

pleeeeease make a mac version <3

I'd love to get a Mac version of it pleaaaase ! <3

would you please make a Mac version ? I missing your game very much <3

I love it ! The labyrinth on his sexy belly is French, from middle age I think, but it looks great ! And I DO agree for a way to get him naked <3 It s all for sure an excellent work ! can't wait for mooooooooore 

Thank you very much ! really helping <3 



Hey there ! I just bought your game for Mac and I can't manage to find how to launch it !? would you please help ? Thanks !

it looks great ! would you pleeeease make a Mac version ? 

I love you <3

It would be awesome if you could dance to entertain the clients in the tavern, and get niiiiiiice sexy scenes with it <3 I'm having a lot of fun with the new update, thanks for all the work ! 

Hi folks ! I just wanted a bit of help, for the influence of choosing to encourage or discourage the lumberjack to go to bandits camp ? I had to start over the entire game after changing computer from PC to Mac and I can't remember how it affects the rest of the story <3

thank you very much ! she is doing a really good job so far, can t wait for more <3 and do you know if it is possible to give potions to the people in the village such as Logan 

ho ! and can you already get horses ? I built the stables but they might just find an interest later on ?

Hey ! love this game ! but I was wondering if :

-if you can manage to have more then 77 poimts with the shopkeeper and more than 41 with Hayden ?? and can Blake and the lumberjack like you ?

-I can not manage to make the aphrodisiaque, any tips ? even with the witch s help I don't find the way.....

  thank you very much for the help and ;ost of all thank you very much for the game !!!

Coooool ! can't wait for more <3 much love from France 

yeepee ! looking forward to discovering it ;^)

Great game ! love it so far... can't wait for more !! greetings from France !