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Really fun game! Don't know the original version, but this one seems flawless. Plays very smooth! But it is hard... so I'm cheating by saving snapshots... ;-)

Nice port! Feels pretty authentic and the enemy animations look very good, just the explosion-animation of enemies could be improved, I think. Sound effects are a bit annoying, but old school ;-)
I had a bug: one of the big green enemies on the top was drawn only half (left or right half was missing). I didn't think about taking a screenshot, sorry.

Excellent and addicting crafting game! It's a lot of fun, even if you don't pay a lot (or at all). I just bought another hero and now I just watch some ads every now and then.

1) does happen, but only in the last levels 2, I think.

Pretty cool game! Cute graphics, but really difficult!! :D

Wow, very tricky game! It seems so easy, but I fail a lot :D Cool and simple idea!

This is a really fun game, with very cute sprites! Thank You!

Fun little game, I like it! Cool two player option too.

Hi! The video looked interesting, but in the browser (firefox) it's not playable for me. It's jumpy and flashy, the movement is erratic, I fall through the floor and get stuck... There seem to be some bugs...

This is such a cute game! :D Excellent controls, cool ideas, cute design. Should have 10 levels! Only problem is that when you are stuck and don't know what to do you can run around a lot, to look for a hint. I cheated at one point and looked it up on youtube in the end.

It's a fun little game, but I think the powerups don't really work for me. The "menu" comes up but most of the time I cannot select anything. Sometimes I manage to increase my heart-slots and once I upgrade my weapon. But usually nothing happens when I open the menu and select "up" or "right" (or anything, actually).

Hahaha, excellent game! Really fun idea :)

Yery cute! One of the best sokoban-style games I saw.