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This is so sad :(

Why is the purple hologram evil and how long did it take to finish the whole game.

I refreshed and it worked.

Well I waited for a minute and it did not work.

What I mean to say is but key am I supposed to press to go to the next night.

What is the door keys?

How do you do the heating system in mobile

how do you do this?

Super good game.

AMAZING and hard I like it.

It is a pretty good game.

Why does he screams when I catch him with the flame thrower it scares me.

The game is very hard and why is the golden bear depressed?

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I am stuck on 6:00 am winning screen when I win one night.

How do you change the song.

How much stages are there for old blurry.

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how do you even play? And why does gumbalss mom does not leave.

I don’t know but the story is so scary it is about three serial killers and they have to kill you and they will be free and if you survive you will live.

Do you tap floppy so floppy goes away.

What is a dpad button. 

How do you take of the mask.

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Are you soon gonna make unlockable maps

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I do not have a computer i am in mobile It says it’s for a browser but it also says the creator did not upload it yet.

why can’t I go to the game

What is that furry that
 comes to the top floor randomly and they are rare

It’s so much furry’s i can’t handle it.

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I think when femboys were gone it was much better.