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3rd level was interesting and tough .

Also the end was great, loved the cutscene  (anyone want to view it can just complete level 5)

Great feature to switch levels, loved it 

Would like to see more levels coming :D

Glad you liked it :D

Nice game loved the mechanics and the colour change on phase completion gives real satisfaction.
Music wise I would prefer a calmer soundtrack for this game. This is just my opinion though 
Good work :)

Anything is welcome just low effort ;)

Cool game really liked it :D
Can you tell me how to solve last level, I tried many times but couldn't figure out

Its really fun to play. I would love to play more levels for this game

Play it and get to know it yourself :p

Glad you liked it :D
I don't usually work on weekdays so I haven't fixed voice yet but i'll try to do it soon

Thanks for pointing out the audio issue. I didn't notice it before. I'll fix it ASAP

Also I'll be be playing submission tonight :)

Nice artwork but gameplay needs work. Enemies are weak and there is no advantage in actually defeating them, so will be skipped by anyone like me

No there wasn't any sound.
I have just started with game development, I plan to learn making some music soon.

Nice game had fun playing it.
A suggestion : Add animation to background instead of keeping it a plain image.

Thank you,
I haven't actually decided on any more effects but I might try affecting enemy abilities depending on weather once voting ends.

Thanks for feedback. 
I'll try to add some effects on enemies after the jams voting period ends.

Thanks, glad you liked it :D

Its nice game with cool mechanics and nice animation.
However there are few things I would like you to clarify within the game.
1. Why are the clocks present ?
2. Because the clocks don't kill player player goes and collides to the moving box which kill him, this is annoying
3. Instead of bottomless pits add something like lava or spikes to kill people 
4. As there are bottomless pits people often feel the urge to check for easter eggs. However after few unsuccessful tries it becomes annoying too.
5. The green points in middle of the game don't work, I assume you are planning to make checkpoints which in my opinion is good idea.

Everything I listed is just my opinion, it might be different for others. Anyways it was still a good game :)

Can you change control to move right from S to D its just a minor change.
I liked the games music, but for gameplay when I went out of screen I couldn't do anything, I was just stuck :( 

Its really awesome I loved this game

Glad you liked it :D

I used GIMP for all the art work.

Finally made score of 11 nice graphics and gameplay 

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Nice game, It was fun to play especially the way u make players learn new things

Hey I don't understand it. How to play ?
Or can we just change shirt ?

Oh didn't knew about it will try again

Too tough for me :(
Maybe I am not so good at aiming ::

I really liked the level designs and inter-connectivity of your game however player experience system seems to be lacking, there is no reason for me tov fight tough enemies or strategically avoid them when I can level up easy by defeating level 0 rats as every enemy gives same amount of exp points and you can kill them any no. of times

Couldn't stop before completing the story really awesome

Its a casual survival game and I tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Goal of the game being to reach the highest score possible, the other plants jealous of you ability to shoot will try taking you down with number. Prove then who the real boss is.

There is an additional feature I tried for this game which is to change shooting speed and range according to current weather.


Left Mouse Button / Touch - Shoot Right Mouse Button/ Change weather button - Change weather

Any reviews (Negative or positive) for game are highly appreciated.

I would like to improve the game based on suggestion to make it even more fun.

Enjoy the game 

Game Link :- Peashooter Frenzy

I won it in first try :)
Nice game but can you add more enemies or levels and add a score counter.
Those would make the game even better

Glad you enjoyed :)

Thanks for including my game in your stream. I really appreciate it and looking forward to see more of your videos.I liked your voice acting by the way :D

Thanks :)

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A survival game where you have to procrastinate as long as you can to increase your score. But don't stay too long or you will be killed by enemies.

Procastinate Game

Thanks, glad u enjoyed it :)

Glad you liked it :D

Thanks for feedback.
I will I'll fix the enemy spawning

Glad you liked it :)

I put my game 1 day ago in hurry because it was a 1 night jam but it doesn't seem to end. Can you tell me when is it ending for real

Nice to see someone had same concept in mind as me for game jam

I really liked your implementation. However it becomes almost too tough after level 3. If you could fix that.

It's great game easy to play but keeps you going 
I tried it like 10 times but I was still not able to collect one copy which is down in tunnel with spikes
You could probably make it a little easier 

You score is number of enemies on screen so you have to keep avoiding enemies till the point you can no more handle them and reach the goal. Its upto you when to go to goal but more you procrastinate higher your score will be.