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Wow. Just wow. I have to say just with the first scene with her mother addressing the subjects and reading into the mc's thoughts at her brother's funeral, I was already impressed and anticipating that Queen's Crown would be different than the various subpar VNs I've played. I'm so freaking excited and happy that it not only met my expectations, but shot past them and turned out to be at an even higher level of awesomeness.

I love your choice of words in dialogue and I've caught myself many times wondering at how suitably noble their eloquent speech was. I love the character designs. I love the varied reasonable choices I can make that will actually affect the game and I have to say, I was very troubled on how to sentence Bianka. I thought her plight and her reasons behind her risky actions were just so heart breaking and to be honest, shocking. I wasn't expecting her to have such a tragic reasoning. Gosh, I just love how she wasn't framed as a total villainess and how she was a very sympathetic character. (I was very shaken on how to deal with her, though I did decide on the execution in the end...) I love how we get to actually deal with all the political intrigue and dangers behind being a queen and that it's not just trying to woo a man.

Not to say that the wooing part is anything short of heart-throbbingly exciting! I have to confess that I'm really partial towards Noah, just gahh his mannerisms and appearance they're just so freaking attractivee, but I'm also very intrigued by Emry and how strict he is on his conduct towards the queen and his lack of expressions just compels me, hahhaha, I'm also super curious about Teiran and what went through his mind to send her those outrageous gifts, especially that chocolate bust of her including her breasts, hahah that was hilarious!! Ya, so mostly I really just want all of them, they're such great characters! On a sort of a side note, I really loved Noah and her conversation during their second meeting and how he talked about the differences in systems of governing in the two countries. I felt it was a great conversation full of intriguing musings and the Tawari style farewell just destroyed me hahahha I loved it! I also really love Jeisa and speaking of her, I love how intelligent and empowered I'm feeling all the women are. It's so gratifying, I can't thank you enough for it. Can I also point out how great the sound track is. I love it to pieces. So in conclusion, I'll be waiting your release with bated breath while trying out all the possible choices on your demo. Seriously, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful game!