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A member registered May 13, 2020

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Very fun and quick game.

The incremental difficulty is very good, the music and bosses are nice to deal with, I just have some notes:

- The sound effects of the 3rd boss are a bit too loud even with loud music
- Against the final boss I was more often hit by the fact of having made contact with the boss rather than being hit by him.
- I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't use the slide mechanic, I found it particularly uncomfortable as well as using the Z jump, I found it more intuitive to use the up arrow. (In the case of this note it's more of a feeling I have, I don't consider it a flaw.)

Final result 8,5/10, I hope also in future works :)

Ho provato le 3 zone disponibili:
La zona nord è illuminata troppo e le "creaturine" sono troppo illuminate, avendo anche lo sfondo rosso è fastidioso da vedere.
La base usata anche per la mira la terrei centrata su almeno una creatura o facendo in modo che si riuniscano al centro, mi è capitato che si spargessero tutte perdendoli di vista essendo anche piccoli