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Very good. More levels please!

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Another great game, as always. My best so far: 18 words.

You are very creative and manage to implement your ideas in a wonderful way. Thanks again for another great game.

Short, hard, very good! Thank you for bringing us this great game.

Great game. Congratulations! It resembles the old game called "Snake It", which I loved to play:

Maybe I'm boring, LOL, but players would prefer if they can restart on the level they reached, for example if I reached level 3 (finished level 2), I would like to restart on 3, not play level 2 again to then play level 3.

Finished game score: 6410. I've used snapshots in a Virtual Machine, without that I only reached level 12. It's too annoyng restart from level 1 and die fast in a new level just to learn how it works. This was common in Spectrum games, but maybe this don't work anymore because we have a lot of other games waiting on the line to be played. The last 2 levels are a lot easier than the previous.

Very good! Waiting for more levels!

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Great game! Can you tell where I find the game music by Megumi?

Finished! Great game! Thank you for bringing it to us.

It is possible to pass Level 20 using only two 'X' on right side.

Great Short Game. Congratulations!