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i was so invested with the description and the story keeps getting worse in a good way. haha such a unique experience tho

Damn, ive played every route that i can and what i can say is i absolutely love the lore, about the echo. The cave, the girls, the monster, the mystery. Sure i like the romance, its more like a dessert than the lore im chasing.

Yeah i also got it, cant do anything its basically ssoftlock cuz i cant save my progress.

I still have ver 12 and i want to update it and it seems that v21 is not the same application as before. How do i fix it.

Man im drooling.

Yess. I really love every moment of this vn and you raus always got some creative idea to share some fun with all of us. Btw i forgot to mention some easter in the previous update and i dont think anyone mention about the 1234 pin. I think u know wat i mean rausmutt. So happy Christmas ,stay safe and wish all u guys luck.

Love it

its for android only.

Loving it.

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It blows my mind how the story progress and enjoy every moment of it..... I am so speechless.. 5 star vn. Confuse a bit at radio part cuz of name.

Think of it as an emulator but for vn. Download at playstore.

No need to focus for android joiplay got u covered.

Just use joiplay

I really love this kind of story.


I love it

I love this. It really show wat i always imagine.

Congrats dude

Good luck

Yesss changed my life..

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Yeah i hope so.. good luck with the work and ur art have improved a lot.

This is replacement for B101.

Good job


Good luck with ur break.

My heart filled with happiness replacing all my sadness and loneliness.

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Kinda feel similar like adastra .... But overall the story is egggxelent.

UwU tq

Where can i download the background music on android.

Niceeeeee.. I love it when u put a reference to Malaysia.. btw the story is perfect. Sadly thought i hate cliffhanger.

The background music and the story really synced well together and made me cry 3 times. If i work and get some cash, i would really loved to support this project.

Loving this cant wait for more.