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Roger Carleton

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This was a nice fun little game. Could have used more interaction though :-)

I clicked on the popular tab and was scrolling through pages of games picking some that sounded good, sounded odd and unusual and I came across yours :-) I ended up with a little over 600 games on my list lol.

This game wasn't bad at all, reminded me of Asteroids back in the day. The only thing was that the timer is a tad to fast and you die several times. I did the running around and still died lol. Keep programming bud :-)

This was a nice little game, short but good. No Jump scares and much to do. There is a lot of potential though. Hope they expand on it, like explore more of the hospital, did the cops come, did the cops come and end up in an ambush, figure out the mystery.

I tried this, but after download, I got errors so I deleted and tried again. Still

didn't work (Windows version)

My Virus scanner prevented me from downloading this :-(

Not bad, but Every time I submitted the paper and went through the door, I ended up back at the beginning.

This would have been a great game, if there was a full screen option.

It has a great concept

Looked nice, but couldn't read it, would be great if it was in other languages :-)

I downloaded this game, seems like a nice game, very foggy. I walked around, cant

interact with anything, saw a couple spiders nothing terrifying, got to the grass

area and only option was to go back into the house. 

After you get in the building, its a little light once you walk either left or right, even with night vision you can see anything.

Why is this in the games section?

This was a very beautiful game, I really enjoyed it. The graphics, music and the powerful message. Brilliant :-)

This was a cool game, only thing was the speed, was a little slow but other then that it was a nice little game. Are you going to expand on it?

Was a great and funny game. I liked how you added his Tweets into the game :-)

This was a very good game, I enjoyed it. Are there going to be more levels?

This seems like a good game, but I cant understand the language.

Is there going to be an English version?

I tried the link for your website but it gave me an error..

Says the site doesn't exist :-(

Not a bad little game, would like to see it as a download.

The controls could be better, instead of moving the mouse around over the actions.

This wasn't a bad game, was fun to play. Would like to see a downloadable version with full screen. Would put it on my YouTube channel :-)

Oh,ok Cool Looking forward to it and future games :-)

Oh,ok Cool Looking forward to it and future games :-)

Is there going to be an English version of this?

Oh ok was wondering :-)

Going to give it a try, looks interesting :-)

Stalker Simulator community · Created a new topic Download

Was going to download this, but a warning came up that this game wont be downloaded because of security


This was an odd one, Is there going to be a part 2 on this? She didn't even share her popcorn. lol

Great job on this but don't know why cavemen painted on walls :-)

Great fun game, graphics were great. I am looking forward to the

second part. I hope there is a second part coming :-)