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Gamepad controls should just "work." There's two different kinds of gamepads: the old USB type, and the new Xbox 360 style (and I presume the Xbox One type as well, which I hear aren't compatible). Those two types have completely different interfaces in Gamemaker, and I forget which I had implemented. It really could have made hardware support there easier.

They are set, but I think the game would be too hard if they weren't. I hope it's fun even if you aren't playing seriously to win!

While currently simplistic, I admire the time and effort to create all those backgrounds! Not bad to spend a few minutes with if you're a fan of the show.

Thank you very much!  I myself have played it many hundreds of times, but I by no means always win.  That I still can bear playing it at all anymore, I think, means there's something good about it.

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It does, I've not been able to get the OpenGL version to run beyond the title screen. One issue might be, perhaps, that my laptop has two video cards? An integrated one for battery life and a discrete one for when more muscle is needed.

Alas, on my system (Win10 64-bit) the OpenGL version crashes upon starting a game (selecting that option from the menu). The 7DRL version works though.