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Looking in the game's folder, it might have to do with the icon program being the most prominent executable? It's in the game's root. I don't know how's butler works but if it just latches on the most visible exe that might explain it.

Aaah, when I try to launch it from the store app, I just get a message that icons were updated. Weird.

Refuses to install from the itch app, it gives an error saying "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined." Figured I'd let you know in case you can figure out what the problem is.

Thanks for looking into it. Mappy's a fiddly game sometimes because of things like this.

Correction to the above: when you get knocked into a cat, you don't die so much as you just pass through any cats, and if the animation finishes while you're overlapping a cat, _then_ you die.

One point of difference with the arcade game is, it was very lenient with the knockback from doors. If you open a door with the knob on your side, and it knocks you into a cat, in the arcade the cat would be knocked out and you keep going. In this remake, if this happens, you lose a life.

It makes the microwave doors much harder to use effectively. I just had a game where every time I died it was due to this!

This is a pretty fun game! One thing I find it really needs, though, is a full screen mode. During the action, it's very easy for the mouse cursor to leave the bounds of the window, causing your skeletons to get lost. Or even worse, when trying to dodge, clicking outside of the window and causing the game to lose focus! It's also kind of hard to see in such a small window?

Might I suggest using Question Mark for the help function? It's somewhat standard among classic roguelikes.

Hello! I have bug reports... some of these may not be bugs, but I figure I should report them just in case, all of them seem like a thing that may be awry.

* Shift-H conflicts between quick play move left and Help

* Game's ID game and food clock seems really easy: you begin with several extra scrolls of identify and a lot of extra food. I was tempted to leave a Ring of Regeneration on generally?

* You can move diagonally in corridors, and even through doors. This may be a design decision, but Rogue itself doesn't allow that.

* Maps have no loops, there's only ever one way to get anywhere.

* You can see parts of wall intersection tiles that shouldn't be visible.

* On normal levels, once seen, you can always see a tile's contents, even if you move far away from it. It makes the potion of Detect Monsters less useful (although it's never been really useful, even in Rogue).

* On dark levels, the reverse happens, which is even worse: you instantly forget the existence of walls when they leave your sight, making it difficult to get around.

* Quick play doesn't cut corners in corridors.

* Leprechauns don't teleport away when they steal money, Bats don't move randomly. These could just be design decisions though, they seem very obvious.

* Wands of Slow Monster don't have the expected effect? I'm not sure what they even do.

* There might be some confusion with ring hands when removing rings? Sometimes when I took a ring off, the wrong ring was taken off.

Sometimes the Zap command assumes the item you want to use? Not always though, it seems uncertain as to the circumstances. Maybe it's a keyboard interface issue.

* Monsters know where you are even if you're not in sight of them, and can pathfind directly to you. Rogue sometimes had monsters that magically just knew where you are too, though.

* Specifying an object on letter P at a prompt can result in inadvertent prayers. (For me, it happened after quaffing a potion on P.)

* Monsters seem to get a turn before magic effects aimed at them occur. This is what ended my first game, I was next to a Medusa, tried to teleport it, but the game gave it a parting shot.

* Cancellation doesn't seem to work on Medusa or Phantom? This is also connected with that game-ending occurrence. I zapped a Medusa, but she was still able to confuse me; it's possible that a nearby Phantom was in the way, but if it was it should have become visible?

Still, all in all, a good implementation generally! I'm sure bugs will get squashed over time. Thanks for making this!

This is so nice!

I can understand that. It feels like the whole world is full of things, and so few of them are interesting, and the only way to tell what they are is to look at each of them individually.

It's something we're trying to combat at Set Side B, but we only have a limited amount of time and energy too. Sigh.

I can understand that very well. Except for a couple of brief moments, all of my work in trying to make or write about games has been met with a big MEH from the world in general. (Of course, truthfully, I don't think I'm very good at the making part.)

Also, discoverabillity sucks everywhere.

What happened? Why?

Quite charming! I bet that robed shopkeeper person is fun to know.

Interesting idea. My notes:

- Starting people on the middle difficulty by default, when they're not even sure how to play yet, seems like a bad idea.

- The high score screen forcing players to enter something is annoying.

- It wasn't obvious what color the next piece was going to be. After some examination I found where it was indicated, but the fact that the block wasn't that color seemed unintuitive.

I noticed that you've updated the game too! You can't stay on one character making decisions without passing any more, you no longer have to survive the Sanctum twice, and there are rings of regeneration now too! I managed to have my first win with both the player and pet surviving.

This is entertaining! I find it's easiest if you ease up on aggression later on, save blunt for Elbereth and avoiding monsters, and play it as safe as you can. Some more kinds of items might be fun.

Ran into a bug in 1.0.6 where the game auto-placed the Baba "Ace" card even though there was still a green 5 covering it. This resulted in a situation where it seemed to be ignoring that card when trying to play other cards upon it.

As someone who shuffles words around a lot (and I'm not talking in a Baba Is You sense, heh), I am sympathetic.

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A little bit of ambiguity in the rule description messed me up. When it says "Up to 2 cards can be placed sideways onto any other card," It doesn't mean up to two cards can be placed sideways onto a single other card as many times as the player likes, instead it means, up to two single cards can individually be played onto non-sideways cards over the whole board at once. I was wondering why sometimes the game wouldn't let me place a sideways card until I parsed it correctly.

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I don't want to kill any of them.

I am also having this problem.

It's a clever and charming little game! Sadly I had issues with it freezing up periodically over time. Also, the fishing quest I had kind of a hard time figuring out what I had to do.

Then I will probably wait until we find out which it is, and, if it is a paid upgrade, for when it is released so I'll know what the full price is.

Please keep us posted when you know more about whether 3.0 will be a separate product, it would be unfortunate to buy this then find out the next day that 3.0 is a different product.

Thanks very much!

An annoying thing about itch on Firefox is pressing spacebar to advance the game also scrolls the page down. Could you perhaps implement an alternate advance key?

Very nice! The only flaw I see after a couple of games is that your guys is too slow to start climbing up blocks, which in official games is tuned to let you use it as an escape when the blocks are falling, but that seems impossible here. Still, lots of fun!

It's a cool and atmospheric game, but it's very hard-sciencey, very different in mood from what I see here. (Your game looks great, mind you. Just different. Infocom Starcross is kind of obscure these days anyway.)

It's a charming idea!

Important question: is this related to the classic Infocom text adventure game Starcross? If it is I would be very happy.

Trying to run it from the client brings up a "Your browser doesn't support WebGL" error, alas.

The PC client allow you to download and use the tool locally, maybe it'll work better that way?

Minor problem: the link, "Submission to PROCJAM" etc seems to be interfering with clicking on some of the controls!

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This is a wonderful downoad/project page.

Gamepad controls should just "work." There's two different kinds of gamepads: the old USB type, and the new Xbox 360 style (and I presume the Xbox One type as well, which I hear aren't compatible). Those two types have completely different interfaces in Gamemaker, and I forget which I had implemented. It really could have made hardware support there easier.

They are set, but I think the game would be too hard if they weren't. I hope it's fun even if you aren't playing seriously to win!

While currently simplistic, I admire the time and effort to create all those backgrounds! Not bad to spend a few minutes with if you're a fan of the show.

Thank you very much!  I myself have played it many hundreds of times, but I by no means always win.  That I still can bear playing it at all anymore, I think, means there's something good about it.

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It does, I've not been able to get the OpenGL version to run beyond the title screen. One issue might be, perhaps, that my laptop has two video cards? An integrated one for battery life and a discrete one for when more muscle is needed.