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Rodent Warriors

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Gracias! Estamos adelantando. :)

Thank you for the feedback janetangulo!

We're very glad you had fun playing Rodent Warriors. 

Don't worry, more is on the way. You can check out our Devlog to see what is in the works.

Thanks again and please keep in touch.


Hi! Thanks for posting a topic in our community section. It's nice to hear from you.

A mobile version is something that is planned in my head, but no work has been done on it yet. Luckily we are using Unity which will allow us to publish to many different platforms with minimal effort.

However the main issue here will be the controls. Rodent Warriors is like a cross between an Action RPG and an idle game. I'm not exactly sure how the mobile version will end up playing, but it might become something that plays itself, or with even less controls compared to the computer version.

If you have ideas please let us know!

On a side note you will now be included in our supporters section whenever we release what that looks like! Thanks again for the message.


That looks awesome! I will definitely like to play it when it's ready.

We eventually want to do something artistically similar with dialogues in our game.

Ok thank you again for the idea! We will find a way to honour our supporters, hopefully it will be cool!

First of all thank you very much for creating our first Community posting! We're still figuring out how to give our "early adopters" recognition in the game :). At least it should be in the credits but maybe we will come up with something better. 

As for your idea I think it's great! We will add that to the ToDo list.  

How are you enjoying the game?