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!!! thank you so much man! i didn't see this because it's been a while since i've itched my itch itch.

hey, how do i change my name? i messed it up. thanks on advance!

super cool game!

i disagree. most people use windows, so it's only natural that most indie devs make their games for windows. it just sucks when i see a good game like this that requires me to give up my privacy to play.

because bill gates is a creepy bridge troll who giggles about controlling the population and uses slave labor to make destructive software designed to fail and cost you hundreds of dollars every few years.

you gotta fix whatever's going on with the linux install, but i really do enjoy this game. you should work on it some more and maybe make an expanded version that costs money. 

norton is a huge sellout. most of the stuff that software detects as a virus is only labeled as such because they aren't shilling out dough. my dads website for his business got flagged by norton as dangerous to visit. 

honestly, i think it's perfect. it doesn't need levels or powerups. i think this might legitimately be the perfect game.

i have a lore question. i assume that the line factory is manufacturing lines, so are the things the janitor is dodging lines? or are they parts of the machinery used to manufacture lines? or am i mistaken entirely and the line factory is using lines to manufacture something else? please get back to me as soon as possible. this question is urgent.

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super cool game. i like how the mechanics sorta creep up on ya without warning. also, i love the musical score. 

i wonder if this game could run on an actual atari? i love it. it's original yet incredibly simple. we need more games like this in the world

have you ever considered that maybe this wants you to think about things and determine your own views? FAITH might be less about what was actually happening and more the fears of someone affected profoundly by the satanic panic. it doesn't have to be political, because the satanic panic was spiritual. abortion isn't an issue of what benefits who, it's an issue over what is morally okay by the laws of god. even hardcore SJW's in the catholic church aren't for abortion. it's clearly a problem that transcends political ideals.

that being said, since FAITH is a look at people's fears during the satanic panic, has it not already achieved its goal as art? look at a painting of Napolean Bonaparte. what do you see? it's a bunch of paint on a canvas arranged in such a way that it looks like some old dead guy. that painting was made to tell a bunch of people that Napolean was great and that he had so and so goals and that he was noble because of reason. it's propaganda, that's the message. does any of that information come across to you? about 70% of the artist's vision has died. it no longer applies because nobody knows who TF Napolean is anymore. like sure, we know who he was, but the purpose of the painting no longer exists. we don't know how evil or good he really was. now it's just the form without the "message". is it not still art?  it's absolutely still art. the form exists without the message and functions as art. now look at a political speech. would you consider that to be art? no. it's just the message and no form. do you see what I'm getting at here? why does this game, as a form of art, need to have anything to say beyond "hey, look at this pixel art. cool eh. also, isn't it spooky when the rotoscope animation plays and the voice synthesizer jumpscares you? hell yeah".

what I'm trying to say is this: the creator of this game is trying to show you how scary the satanic panic was to the people living in it by attempting to dredge those old fears back up temporarily. you can then research the time period and make up your own mind. I'm also saying that this makes it true art rather than propaganda. instead of presenting you with a phony message for you to ingest and regurgitate into the mouth of someone else, it's just trying to make you feel something you don't already. this is pure, the heart of this game will never die, because fear of an unstoppable exterior force is part of being human. it will only become scarier and scarier as people forget that pixel art and voice synthesizers ever existed.


this game is awesome! you consistently deliver on the most interesting concepts. never stop making great stuff like this.

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So you’re basically saying that the initially capitalist system was eroded away by monopolization via government corruption. This then lead to a totalitarian government controlling all enterprise as well as law. This is what people like Alex Jones are losing their minds over. It’s called Corporatocracy, and it’s basically what’s happening to America right now. You’re being spied on by basically everything with an internet connection. Twitter and Amazon are both conjoined to the government. banks own everything. typical Corporatocratic stuff. it’s essentially the opposite of free market capitalism. I see what you’re saying 100% though. It’s also called cronyism, Lemon socialism, and other things.

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"Community, private enterprise, love, art, even music has been outlawed by the state, with every aspect of life being geared toward the state and its monopoly" ... i thought these were capitalists? this sounds a whole lot like a communist move my man. like, private enterprise is the whole appeal of capitalism. in a communist system everyone works for the state... like what you just described at capitalist. i think you're either satiring too hard for a pea brain such as myself, or have things seriously twisted.

hey, i'd love to try out your game but despise microsoft with every fiber in my being. i refuse to install any software made or encouraged by them. could you make a linux version at some point? thanks if you can. no stress if you can't. also, i love the trailer.

damn man, i feel like you've gotten the FAITH style down to a tee now. i'm waiting until the steam release to play part 2 but i'm so much more stoked for it now that i've seen this. i like that playing the actual game makes you feel on edge and disturbed but it doesn't leave you with any gruesome imagery after you've finished. it feels like clean horror if that makes any sense. just boiled down all the way.

i think that's by design. the style gives just enough information to let you think you're scaring yourself.

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the story is quite good imo. for instance, we aren't sure whether or not john is a real priest, or if any of this actually happened. wtf was that weird deer ending where they murdered john? does the cross actually defend against demons. why did the "chupacabra" keep blabbering about a father and speaking spanish. why would police use "chupacabra" as a coverup? what did michael (the chupacabra) escape from. what was the grey dude and what does his ruby lookin thing do? there's so many little lose ends that can go anywhere, and i'm pretty sure they get tied up in the second and 3rd game. it's much more interesting that just a pro or anti-catholic message. i'm tired of all the progressive and anti-progressive nonsense, i'd rather play art than propaganda.

abortion is far beyond "spooky" though. have you ever witnessed something as abominable as that actually happening? abortion wasn't even brought up in the game so i'm not sure what your point was anyways.

this is a very good game. while it didn't quite scare me as much as i expected it to, there's a lot of unsettling imagery in this game. i really liked the boss fight at the end believe it or not. it was pretty tough but in a good way. overall, the atmosphere is great, story is interesting, and the gameplay is mostly sound. some of the exploration wasn't that fun, but it still gave little bits of info on the world so i'm happy with it. one question though, what does that red jewel thingy do? i died and didn't go back to get it before beating the game.

one of my favs. thanks for making this awesome game

i can't believe someone would make such a violent game. you've ruined my son, he's talking about shaking up his school now.

P.S. i love your game, keep making weird stuff. i hope there's a sequel in the works for this one.

is there a way to see this dood? I feel sorta bad for him.

needs a few more levels to fully explore the concepts presented. I really liked the game but it genuinely needed a few more levels for how many mechanics you used.