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Nice little game. Especially I am impressed that this one is made by only one person. I like the graphics very much. Story is short an fun. 

Fun game but not too easy. Thank you very much. 

That would be really great!

+1 for Linux

+1 for Linux 

Very nice demo. I am eager to play more of this. 

Nice and smooth graphics. Atmopheric music which is  not obtrusive. Good sound effects and especially worth mentioning: Very good voiceover!

The story so far is nice makes one question quite a view things. For example where do the children come from if there are not adults? 

I wonder how this and other stuff will be explained. Hopefully the wait for episode 1 is not too long.

Well and thank you for making a Linux version, too. One more Point & Click adventure I can play :-) (Deponia, Silence, Thimbleeweed Park alle have linux versions, too. But there are still a lot which have not).