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This is a really neat take on city building. I'd love to see the environmentalism taken to the next step, with animals, ecosystems, balancing of predators and prey, etc. 

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Coffee Talk is my GOTY pick. Thank you for that.

Side q: do you think you could release a Linux version of this?

Edit: nevermind, it worked perfectly with Wine

Gameplay video:

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How to play: use trackpad / thumbsticks to steer but mostly it's a "sit on the snow and slide" experience! If you fall off the edge, the experience will restart. Sometimes it's snow, sometimes it's ice!

simmiland community · Created a new topic Linux version?

This game looks really neat! Are you planning on releasing a linux version?

Will there be a Linux release?

Will these updates be coming to Linux? It looks like the Linux version is 12 versions behind.

Can you release a Linux build? This looks like something I'd like to play with my nephew.

Approximately how long is the game? Could I have friends over and complete it in a couple of hours?

Bring this to Linux!

This game looks really neat! Will there be a release on Linux?

To be clear, this means 16-colour mode is not allowed.

My first thought was writing an IBM PC-compatible (1981) game as an OS using BIOS interrupts, but it turns out there is very little documentation on 8-bit assembly for the IBM PC BIOS. Instead, I'm aiming to use MS-DOS' QBASIC.