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WOW just WOW... I feel like this game deserves more recognition. Very well done!

Game 3

What a terrifying game! Really good game TBH . I love the uniqueness.

Game 2

Such a short suspenseful game! Lotsa Potential!

Game 1!

The suspense was unreal ... glad it was not cheesy! Yes please make a Part 2!!!

Game 3!!

Soo.... Dont play this game right? Well I ignored all warning signs and PLAYED THIS GAME!

1st game!

Good game! Straight to the point! Did all the endings. My favorite one was the obvious choice xD

2nd Game!

Very high detailed game !! Not so cheesy as other horror games but still gave you that anxious/horrid feeling. Would love to see a full game :D

 Love the most recent update! Team Terrible? More like Team Awesome! Keep up the good work my friends. Recorded a bit of the most creepiest baby to watch for a few dollars.

Enjoyed the game! Tad bit confusing but that dont really matter I was here for the jumpscares and yeah I got what I wanted!

Sorry please forgive my intro, I got the wrong developer name. Very good game! Gave me lotsa creepy vibes cant wait to play the full version!

Creepy game indeed but I did not see the man from the window other then my reflection.

Good eerie unsetteling game of making noodles late at night! Good job!

Theres literally not a snake in there... THERES A HUGE ONE

Such a good game! I enjoy these point and click ones but OMG.... it is terrifyingly good! Good job and keep it up! I want to see more please :D

Such a creepy game... Get chased by a naked chicken.. you the MVP! Keep up the good work!

Very good game! So different, I tried to find and do the other endings but had a hard time but a good time! The game has great details which I was very impressed. Keep up the good work!

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Shrek wanted to netflix and chill but.... I said no

Great Game by the way! Keep it up! Would love to see a longer one at least 15-25 minutes.

Where do I start.... Well I guess we can start from crapping my pants several time...... OMG the environment and the eerie-ness was the most unsettling. The Graphics and SFX were on point and look forward to Part 2!!! VERY good job and keep it up! 

Yours Truly,


Fun game! Embarrassing thing is.... a cat scared me so... I guess I'm the cat now.

Very good game mate! Some parts were very unexpected and scared the living soul out of me. GOOD JOB... the story is very heart felt .... well done!! Enough said! The video shows proof of how good this game really is if you don't have the guts to play but have the courage to watch is fine :)

Wish this was longer ... it was starting to get interesting. I literally just got done playing poppy playtime too and the toy was there!!!! Great game btw! (1st game in the video)

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Pretty Decent horror game with a little puzzle solving. I had a hard time reading cursive, its been awhile LOL. [2nd Game in vid]

Great disturbing game mate! 

Amazing game FueKer! Great job on everything man except... Chenou's common sense xD I can't say this is a demo game at all... It looks finished .. I love the cliff hanger at the end but we all know what happened though maybe .... 

Yes I had my PS controller plugged in, I did not even think about that! But I unplugged it and the problem went away Thanks man!!

Very odd bug but okay no worries! Just update us on it when you get a fix :) .. I turned off the mouse sensitivity and it stopped it but couldn't move my mouse anymore LOL, I didn't think it was an efficient move since we get chased in your games. 

When I adjusted the mouse sense to 0.1 it kept turning but it was a slower turn but still unable to really focus. Hopefully that helps or points you to the right direction of troubleshooting.

Idk bout you guys but when I try to play the game ... it just keeps spinning and spinning me which makes it unplayable. I thought it was my mouse but replaced it with another one and it still does it. Redownloaded from your site still don't work so not sure.

YO EMIKA GAMES!! Your GAME IS LIT! You never fail to impress and scare the living hell out of me! You deserve A LOT of recognition for your teams hard work! KEEP IT UP!!!

Pretty forward short horror game! 

This game.... is terrifying.. You run faster if you go sideways! LOL good game ! I enjoyed the chase! More please! (2nd Video)

I enjoy killing mold... but not entering basements.

The game gave such a vibe I cannot describe...good jump scares xD Really good game!! Keep it up!

This game is TERRIFYING!!!!! BEWARE HEADPHONE USERS! Great job! I wish to see more of your future games :D, KEEP IT UP! 

N4bA !!! I give it to you once again! I was on EDGE the entire gameplay. Cant wait to play the full game! Although I did get a lil sick from the realistic wobbling back and fourth walk. I didn't know if there was an option to turn that off or not. Overall very good! Keep it up ! Cheers mates and stay Kuzzing! :D

Really good game my friend :) very uneasy environment I enjoyed it! cant wait to see more!

This game scared the S*** out of me! Cant wait to play the full game :D

Really good game mate! I knew it was gonna be scary the moment I stepped in the house.

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Yo man this game pretty fire!! I cannot say this game was "Unfinished".. You dropped it like its hot! Most finished games are not even comparable .. Look forward to playing more of your games!