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I've never been so afraid of going to a store in my life.....VERY good horror game!

RUN , one of the most uneasy feeling games very good job!

Such a good game mate! Not to sure what ending I got but I think it was very bad? xD

Wow I was not expecting the unexpected... probably the most disturbing game I've played in a while good job! Will there be a part 2? xD

TED GOT ISSUES oh and btw the puzzle in here made zero sense.

I hate dolls but after playing this game.. I still hate them xD Cant wait for the full release! I was hoping the game was going to give me a tutorial but found out how to use my cam corder 20 mins later LOL.

I would NOT mess with this cult.. they got buncha wolves and dog humans

Game has huge potential but it needs some love on the shooting ... head shots dont do anything, and body shots does the kill but you have to unload pretty much the whole clip ?

Goodness GRACIOUS! Such a unique game! Horror game within a Horror game!

So much potential! Cant wait for the full release!

really good concept and game! I like short horror games, they dont need to be an hour long.


Good short horror game


Good friendly game! 

so they say....

Nice Spongebob game!

Round 2 xD The panic was too real the first time. But being calm this time allowed me to beat it.

Truly the most TERRIFYING first person shooter game ever!!!! Once again you have done it N4BA my hats off for ya! Honestly I've always complained about not having a weapon in horror games and I had one but it really didn't make a difference whatsoever :'(
The game is gorgeously horrifying, the atmosphere is very unsettling and you cant see SH**!
Game is pretty hard - not gonna lie, your character will have this mass panic attack (Maybe its just me) every time something comes out. So if your looking for a challenge here it is!

I did not beat the game xD 10 likes and ill try again maybe.....


YO ! The atmosphere was freaky af! Good job!

NICE!!! Sweet and short just How I like it... almost crapped my pants though, ty for that!

Good game.. I really thought I was playing the Board.....

LOL yooooo! This game is LIT!!!! I was confused 90% of the time but AYYYE we made it!

DEFINETLY one of the greatest short horror games EVER! Very good game! Cant wait for part 2!!!


See no fear?!?! REALLY?? ALL I SAW WAS FEAR!!!!

Ultimate rage killa, fun game! Only part I did not enjoy was the movement but overall it was great !

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Very Terrifying and sad game you got here! Very well done! Worth Full price... game has good details and SFX to the point where you kinda question reality when your playing..

This game shows the truth of Squidwards intent in the show ..... Rinbash you have created such a great game! Applause to you! I enjoyed the voice over and overall the gameplay experience!

You are the King of Jumpscares Congrats!

LOL Love it! Please!!! Part 2

3rd game Very good game, scared me quite much! I knew the ending was a happy ending after all ;)

The game is pretty intense... well done!!!

2nd game but I couldnt finish it when you go back in the room after watching the tape. When you go the drawer it is asking you to press E but I cannot and also cannot get out of the room due to the controls.

Love the new Christmas update! 

Truly Terrifying game.. Very well done horror game!!
Good job on scaring the jeeby heeby outta me :D

Game was TERRIFYINGLY good... it has been awhile since I've screamed for my mommy. Good job and keep it up!! :D

Goodness gracious that jumpscare got me everytime! Good work forrealz!

I kinda fell through the floor but overall it was good!!

Very unique game and love the artwork! The suspense and all of the above!