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I haven't played the game yet but based on that quote I'm pretty sure she's a trans woman. Not a guy. A trans woman.

This is a great game. While this isn't the first survey horror game, this is very nice and it definitely is different from the others. It manages to be quite unnerving without the use of random screeching and shocking jumpscares. Hell, there very well is a likely backstory to this. I love the ending, especially with the part where you don't have a choice in what you type. This short game really does show that sometimes, less is better. Great job dude!

Even with the knowledge that a horror screen was coming, it still had me scared. It was short, sweet, and to the point! Oh, and also quite fun. I love horror games that disguise themselves as normal games, it adds a sense of surprise and suspense! My only complaint is that the voice {the mask guy I assume} is obviously very aggressive and unstable, even from the beginning. It wasn't very subtle. It could have been much more outright though, so it's not much to complain about! Oh, and the platforms don't move with the character in the first minigame! That's fine if it's intended, but it could be a mistake so I just want to point it out. Overall, this is a very nice horror game for how short it is! Great for a small spook if you don't have much time to play games {ie you have to do something soon but are very bored.} Good job! :D 

I am 128 days late, wHEEEEEE-

Mkay, I've had some sleep. It's time to download this and hope my graphics card can handle it. XD

Looks great, but it's 3:39 AM and I should really sleep; might play it tomorrow.

No killer robots, huh? Then why is one of the tags HORROR??? *press x to doubt*