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baba is friend

Wow its almost like not everyone has the luxury or money to buy it


the only thing i dont like is the sensitivity being to high, other than that its really neat!

Any plans on a sequel of sorts? Its really short but the gameplay and writing is really good lol

holy shit

When is the next update? Its been 4 months with no info

Ray marching used right! this is pretty neat! would love to see more

I feel like using a mouse to rotate would be easier!

Beautiful! Reminds me alot of antichamber!

Oh i got it working! I just redownloaded the game

The pause screen broke! i cannot use it and cannot send feed back, sorry

how do I access the 4D shape viewer?

When I use the settings on the flight sim, it crashes... Same with loading the actual game... Any ideas on how I can fix it?

damn you got him so good

okay i may be against you in this argument but honestly you are right about this

bro chill not everyone has minecraft besides its kinda hard to set up, and this is just a simple two clicks to play, besides people have played this game before minecraft

Ok I got it working! but it lags when i place a block, and crashes for seemingly no reason, is this normal?

I understand why you couldn't implement it, but with that knowledge you can improve on this game and figure out its limits! but also you should probably see this for some neat ideas: (careful its kinda leggy) which is a great source! Because it shows a portal going through its output, it could help if you don't know how a certain idea is supposed to work. but I don't want to push you at all on all these ideas, I'm just really into this kind of stuff!

never mind it crashes at the main menu

wait i don't know what you did but suddenly it works perfectl

beautiful! I just wish the models worked, and the recursive house too!

I had a dream just like this, but this space was an office building, and repeated infinitely just like this, but there were weirder kinds of spaces and was also green.

Okay but this piano is great!

How to i beat the planet level?

sadly it still does not work

Oh wait also what is the soundtrack to the game i love it alot

Your welcome! And I have some level ideas and unique mechanics that might make the game even more interesting then regular scaling!

This little game needs a level editor soon! I cant imagine the amount of praise this will get once its finished!

Alright I did that

Sadly no...

Oh sorry let me check

I'm on windows, I have the valid specs, But not even the main menu boots up! however seeing that it says "ERROR DEVICE LOST" It might be because you forgot to put a file in the download? I'm not that great with tech stuff but I hope to play it soon! Its literally the game I have been looking for!

It says ERROR_DEVICE_LOST when i boot up the game? how do i fix this

oh my god guys caps isnt entirly on its only on on this webpage you guys do realize you can customize the page too right

this is actually a great idea! Please continue this!