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not bad game, haven't completed it yet.

demo played. and loving them cant wait for the full game. 

nice work, Stream loved it. 

nice game, Great jump scares. got my heart to 105 <3

gave me a heartattack!!

Holy COW!! , what a game!! must play this, did this Live on Twitch took about 1:38 hrs but well worth is.

Love the game, can not wait for ?Part 2"..

Great Game, go buy it !! you would fall in love with this game.

try to stream this, and had so much trouble with it. setting was set to LOW . and set after awhile, i blue screen(reset) my Streaming PC. WTH? ,, 

Blink: The last night . Live on !!

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Nice game. Did get a copyright notice on the background noise.. 

but game sacred me to turn the light back on. Nice work..

Copyright ownersAdRev Publishing, UMPG Publishing, UMPI
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just heads up for anyone else. Fight the Bots !!

Fun Demo, Cant wait to see more.