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Ooooooooh, that's how it works

I'm happy for Jackie

The shape and volume on the ribbon and dress on that cover is just so good. And the ribbon-choker trigger is a real favourite.

Mouse controls are neat, I like the addition for this kind of game where you're just trying to get from one spot to the next. I love all the writing, you've characterised the driver's chair very well in both dialogue and what it uses as weapons. I also like the final boss' costume.

I updated 7zip, redownloaded the game, and it worked. Thank goodness!

Windows 10

I saw picture of the "main character" during development, but them holding a broom still got me good. Also wow is that broom "well used."

Good work getting multiple routes written, and thank you for making it simple to see each ending.

I'm having trouble opening/extracting this with 7zip

Found the sub-ocean, so that's good. I enjoyed the music and feeling like I'm driving a bus with a stick from behind the driver's seat.  Good work all around.

Things I did: crash and get towed back to Tucson, made a bus stop, honked the horn (ᵇᵉᵉᵖ), engaged auto-pilot and then waited until I was bored.

I love everything about this except the idea of playing it through, which I think is intended? ;)

I appreciate the LRR Soundtrack, and having motivational post-it-notes instead of actual passengers doesn't seem like that bad of a deal.

I also like the detail in each chair room, made them feel more real. Even played through twice to get all the secret items.

Bus Stop enemy was a great idea.

Good music choices. The final boss looks pretty cool. Learned to never dive into a chair if it is on fire, even if the fire is dark and mysterious.

A very polite game, happy to have saved the desert and retired with my car-friend.

Holy moly, I played it through and was mostly chuckling at the whole premise. But by the time I'd lost to the final boss a couple times it got real exciting, my stuffed bear is now the king of all chairs and I am satisfied.

Glad someone connected the "Press left" with the idea of a clicker. Also, that 4th friend probably didn't need much convincing to show up if they already had a costume ready :P

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Sadly, I can't play the game.

When you upload windows builds from Unity you need to include the "_Data" folder that goes with the .exe, if you zip them together it can still be one download.

This is really well put together. The Banners changing the lighting was cool, and the piling on of Device modes got very goofy fun once you had more than one active.

Also "Honk: All other keys"

I like this scheme for controlling a bike, and the sound works well for being so simple.

Made peace between warring kings, managed to arrange a James/Serge shift. Happy to have saved the children.

The soundscape is pretty good, and I had fun watching the tippy bus wave back and forth across the road.

I can picture this as one of those Desert Bus nightmares, if you were a driver particularily grossed out by the chair.

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This is well put together. I'm pretty sure the chair never gets hungry, but I kept feeding it anyway. Maybe that's why it kept stinking?

The old-school installer is pretty neat, and a goodd indicator of what the rest of the game is like.

The mechanics are pretty simple, I like the little gremlin animations and all of the music.

Took a second to realise I needed to collect the dollar signs, but that was a cool way to force me to hurry up and get to the bottom.

Crapshot ending is a great ending

I think the 3D pretending to be 2D pretending to be 3D was as disorienting as it was supposed to be. But it's fun to move and shoot with the bus, and I liked getting bus stops.

I like how "Endure Farts" implies that the rest of the time you are refusing to endure the farts. And who needs showers when you can just give people pills to make them not fart. Top tier being Rhinovirus is just cruel though ;)

Creepydoll's level mechanic was unexpected, I liked it. The shift-character-creator is a great idea.

A nice number of elements. Cotton + Life = Sheep is pretty good.

Working in actual DB prizes was inspired. And I love the photo animations, especially Liz's walk-cycle.

Working in actual DB prizes was inspired. And I love the photo animations, especially Liz's walk-cycle.