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Super enjoyed playing this funny, dumb game haha! Loved the crazy physics mostly, having the TV thrown about is very infuriating….didn't realise till late about the rotation :'D Overall a very enjoyable game that is also funny, good work! :) Game play is below if interested :)

This game is such a great idea! I love the unique streamer mechanic, being able to to "chat" with the viewers and have them help is so neat! I did get annoyed about halfway through trying to read the notes whilst being chased but I got there in the end :'D A really awesome game, well done! :) Game play is below if interested :)

This game is super fun!! I love the level variety (apart from slap balls....i suck at slap balls). Had an absolute blast playing this game! Its a shame others players aren't playing online as the bots are somewhat questionable as they only want to kill you :'D Other than that, a great load of fun, excellent work! :D Gameplay is below if interested :)

WOW! Despite it's rage inducing, I loved this game! Not usually a massive fan of platformers cause I suck and lack patience but this game is excellent. It plays so, so well, looks unbelievable and is funny too! Great job team! :D Game play is below if interested :)

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Hey! I got round to playing the updated version but had some issues unfortunately :( I found the game to run less smooth, the camera was super buggy and it was impossible to get past fake floors as the computers don't ever finish the round, I waited like 10 minutes haha! You can see in the video below if you want to see.

Ahhh that makes sense! The game was still fun to play, it was unique. I could see there being more to the game including potentially implementing the use of Vype and making it a requirement to survive? It gives me vibes of 'We Happy Few' as you try to break into the higher class, great work! :D I'll check out the update at some point :)

A neat little exploration game! Had some issues with controls and the key bindings and then trouble progressing the story but that was my fault cause i'm an idiot haha! Cool game though, well done! :) Game play starts at 4:16 if interested :)

I absolutely loved playing this game, it was super fun! It gave me 'Whack Your Boss' vibes when playing but definitely a lot less violent haha! Its very well made and its super funny! Great job! :D Game play is below if interested :)

Haha thank you! Was a blast playing! :D

This game is so much fun, I absolutely loved it! It's definitely got Untitled Goose Game and Donut County vibes which is great! The writing for the characters is very slapstick and super enjoyable! The game looks and plays so well, I am super pumped for the release of the full game, good job! :D Game play is below if interested :)

This game made me wanna pull my eyeballs out....I love it! :') Such a simple concept but works so well and is super rage inducing! Game looks good and plays well....I didn't manage to finish but that's a me problem haha! Great job! :D Game play is below if interested :)

I thought this game concept was super neat! The use of different candy to solve puzzles was great....i did struggle on some puzzles tho but that's just because I'm dumb :'D The game looks excellent and definitely fit the theme of the jam good work! :D Game play starts at 5:56 if interested :)

I realised that whilst editing the video :'D

Wow, okay. At first I didn't have a clue how this was going to be expected.....and then boooom, I'm spamming my mouse for about 3 minutes tryna win :'D And then the end was definitely unexpected! Really liked the style and having to grind to get the next upgrades, super enjoyable! Great work :D Game play starts at 9:36 if interested :)

I actually really enjoyed this game and could definitely see more levels of this! It's simple yet so effective! If it was longer it could definitely be rage inducing trying to finish harder levels in 10 seconds, great work! :D Game play starts at 8:07 if interested :)

Very much so captured the theme...I didn't have a clue what was going on :') The aesthetic of the game is great and made we want to play more. I tried to find more endings but only managed the 2 (I suck i know) nevertheless, still super enjoyable :D Game play starts at 13:07 if interested :)

Well, this game definitely hit the unexpected theme....I didn't have a clue what was going on and why which was great :') Very unique and different! Had a lot of struggle with the very end puzzle and just got lucky in the end haha! Good job though :D Game play is below if interested :)

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A great game concept with good difficulty progressions throughout! The narration was very funny which I definitely enjoyed :'D Almost threw in the towel on the banana skins but ploughed on! Slight game breaking mechanic which I know you're already aware of (and possibly patched since), regardless, a super fun game to play, well done! :D Game play is below if interested :)

A very, v e r y, strange puzzle game that had me completely bamboozled the majority of the time :'D some minor performance issues but a very well made game, some puzzles more complex *the bloody multiple box one :'(* than others but still never neat! Great job! :D Game play is below and starts at 7:26 if interested :)

This is such a well made game, everything works great! The aesthetic is so pleasing and looks excellent from the bowling lane to the puzzles! As soon as I ran into the puzzles, I knew this game would make me very angry given the tediousness of it the game :'D Nevertheless, still such a super game, well done! :) Game play is below if interested *SPOILERS*

This game is something else! So much fun, writing is hilarious and completely a unique idea! Really enjoyed playing Gori, game played well and looks awesome too! Keep up the work! :D Game play is below if you're interested :)

This game is pretty dope haha! Some small performance issues when playing on desktop but overall a good bootleg of fall guys! As expected, I got very angry but that's the point, right :'D only managed to see 4 levels while playing unless other levels are only playable on mobile, nevertheless, a super fun game! Good job :D Game play is below if interested :)

This is definitely the worst  train i've ever been on, i hated every minute of it :'c seriously tho, super sick game, very well made and looks great. Trying to progress at times was a bit of a task but that made it more scary, right? Good job :D game play is  below  if interested :)

I liked the concept and unique game play for this! It makes a platformer/puzzle game even more strategic....which then meant I got annoyed cause I suck as puzzle games :') A very good, fun game, well done! :D Game play is below if interested :) 

As always, this game was dope! Is there anything better than parkour, killing googley eyed stickmen, rewinding and then doing it again? No, no there isn't :) Of course the tedious stick men that don't let me defeat them made my wanna throw my computer out the window but its all fun and games, right? :'D Great job!

Thoroughly enjoyed this game! Gives simpler papers please vibes and i definitely think there's room to grow and add additional rules similar to papers please. The game looks great and is super well made, good job! :D Game play is below if interested :)

You might just be right, this game could be the hardest game of 2020! Boy it was tough! Literally lost it trying to play this, naturally, i'm not good at platforming and this didn't help at all :') Great level of challenge, the game looks great and captures rage platforming, shame I'm no good haha! Good job :D Game play is below if interested :)

Legit spent all of my time cleaning up doritos, mopping up drink/urine and trying to work out if there was an upstairs due to arrows in the sky! :') funny little game, good job! :D Game play starts at 9:18 if interested :)

This game gave me all of the 'surgeon sim' and other dual controlled hand rage enticing game and i loved it haha! Obviously, i got super annoyed as expected but the game design and controls is pretty heckin good. A different take on the typical customer serve them ups which i thought was neat, good job! :D Game play starts at 3:49 if interested :)

I gave this game a go and thought it was pretty cool. The game looks great and is good idea with realistic game play. I found it super tough cause I just wanted to speed through but that doesn't work :') Good job though! Game play is below if interested :)

I mean babysitting can suck at the best of times but this takes the spot! The game is dope and its very well made! The art style is great and the sound is spot on, excellent job! :D Game play is below if interested :)

This game is excellent! Really captured warioware in all paced mini games, great music/soundtrack and good gameplay! Some games are slightly hard but that’s great, definitely doable...eventually! Great job! 😁 

Holy shit.....that was a lot of stuff i missed hahah! I did click on to most of the memes and whatnot like halfway through or when i stopped playing but i didn't realise you have so much more planned for this game, i'm amazed!! Nah i think you keep the system where you die...its just frustrating not knowing your're gonna die by talking too much but thats funny.......i had issues recording videos earlier that day so by the time i got this masterpiece and the tediousness of having to keep playing over to complete eventually tipped me over!! Great work dude ahaha

I enjoyed every dumb minute of this little preview haha! Memes and shitposting left, right and centre....definitely looking forward to more haha! Game play starts at 11:51 if interested :)

Yo, this game had even more shitposting than the original n I loved it. Super tedious and frustrating clicking on a person or item 1 too many times and dying :| but it wouldn't be a shitpost meme game otherwise. great job at capturing kypello's thought process haha

Super enjoyable game! Looks great too! Took me a while to understand i needed more camera power cause i'm an idiot haha! Had lots of fun playing the zombie-esque game haha! Good job :D Game play is below if interested :)

This is definitely a unique take to making a horror game....the questions do actually get you thinking then you're make with the atmosphere build up! Really enjoyed playing this, good job!: D Game

play starts at 2:23 if interested :)

A short, yet rather strange game. Super simple but original, I like it! :)

Yo this game is dope.....I too am not good at impossible game/geometry dash so these games are painful :') Nevertheless, the game looked great and played really well! (I only just released the scroll level after watching your video on making the game haha!) a perfect homage to some truly frustrating games, good job! :D