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I’m glad it fits for you guys!! yeah RobsonRages is great :D

Super stoked for the full release of this game! Been wanting a 'Papers Please' type game to play for so long and I had so much fun playing this demo!

Dude this is great, I know its only 3 words but its sick haha! :D

This is sick, thank you haha! If you ever want the raw mic footage just let me know 😃

It was a super fun game, I enjoyed it lots, thanks for the kind words! :)

Yo for real?? That’s awesome!! Of course you can you use, WOW! :D

Yo I loved playing this game! I’m super stoked for the game to be fully released on steam! Great work!! 😀

Yo this game was super fun! A small challenge but a lot of fun! Great work! 😀

Fun, quirky take on a horror game and I still got scared! Ran into a couple of glitches (including the man not coming inside at all haha) but had lots of fun with it. Great work! :) Gameplay starts at 9:17 if interested :)

I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing but I enjoyed it (when I eventually found out you can change mouse sensitivity haha). The sounds created a great scry atmosphere! I accidentally pressed space on my last play through which deterred me form playing haha! Great gam though! :D Gameplay starts at 5:19 if interested :)

These games are too tedious for me, I can never last the full night and then get annoyed and scared at the same time :'( Very good game and take on FNAF!

Good little spooky game, grasped me! Didn’t realise draws could be opened tho so took me a while haha! Well done! 

This game built a scary good atmosphere! Great job man! 

I really enjoyed playing this game! As if it was all made in paint, very well done dude!! Gave me a few little jump scares but I encountered a game ending error close to completion (I think) 😕

What a quirky yet super enjoyable game 😃 super tedious tho when you get caught cause you have start all over again which naturally frustrated me a little bit that’s the point innit 😂 great work! 

What a weird strange game....I loved it haha! Gameplay starts at 7:06 if interested :)

I enjoyed playing this and I'm looking forward to more! Definitely disorienting and spooky!!

This game is great! It is so much and yet super annoying 🤬 took me far too long to realise the appearing/disappearing platforms 😂 struggle quite a bit with wall jumps too, especially on Level 4 (i think)! Great game tho, looks awesome! 

Ran into a few bugs on the 4th puzzle so didn’t end up completing but it was a cool game nonetheless :) gameplay starts at 11:14 if interested 

Great concept for a game and very well made! Had lots of fun playing this man! 😃 gameplay is below if you’re interested :)

This game was both fun and rage inducing so typically....I loved it haha! Great idea for a game, good job 😊 gameplay starts at 6:12 is you’re interested


I tried my very hardest for you Wallace 😭😭

I enjoyed the game but I wish there was a little backstory to the crime and then their “alibi” as opposed to just guessing whether to kill or save them. Cool game concept tho 😀

I’m not sure why I struggled so much with these puzzles...clearly I’m just an idiot 😭 great game and mechanics too, well thought out! 😊 

Don’t even know how long this game was cause I couldn’t finish it, i got scared far too many times I jus couldn’t 😭😭

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Why you gotta do my dirty like that man! Was so cared throughout 😭 great game dude! Gameplay starts at 9:37 if interested 

Great game! I wish it was longer! It was not as trolling which I was expecting which made me very happy haha! The game looks amazing, sounds great and plays very well! Not sure if there was actually 2 different paths but this could be longer 😁 

Had fun playing this game and it annoyed me but not to the point of full on rage which is ideal 😅 as you mentioned some jumps are tricky but I managed to complete them, great little game team 😊 if you’re interested, the gameplay starts at 5:08

Enjoyed this short game! I definitely think there's scope for a large game with more in-depth puzzles with additional background work. super fun at the moment tho, good job :D feel free to check out my gameplay, you're is the first game :)

Yo!! I absolutely loved this game!! It's literally an exact copy of how people create tutorial videos on YT! :'D Super fun, super meme/troll and I loved every moment of it!! Feel free to check out my video, starts at 4:48 :)

Only just seen this reply 👀😂 thanks man!!

The game was everything expected and then it was unexpected haha! Had lots of fun with it!!

Great game! It’s been a while since a game has made my namesake but this one did just that!! 🤬 thought I was gonna end up rage quitting but managed to finish! Well done man 😁 

Absolutely man! I’ll definitely be looking out for more games you’ve developed :)

Loved this full release man! Slightly different from the demo as you explained but the addition of shaking the head and flashlight made it more intense! I had a L O T of close calls :') great game dude!!

These things happen, it was pretty clear I had beat the game anyway 😁

Sounds great! 😁

Super short, simple but fun :) Gameplay starts at 10:47 if interested :)

Great game! A little short but what dya expect from a game jam. Game looks great too! :D gameplay starts at 7:37 if interested :)

I enjoyed this game so much! :D The speed is maybe a tad too fast, so fast I fell out the train somehow... :') loved it tho! Gameplay starts at 13:32 if you're interested!

I enjoyed this game so much! :D The speed is maybe a tad too fast, so fast I fell out the train somehow... :') loved it tho! Gameplay starts at 13:32 if you're interested!