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Thanks :)

Hi Vic, thank you so much for using my assets. You can mention me in your credits on any assets/art section as "ROBOXEL" 😊

Best wishes to your game!

Hi! Thank you, it looks great! congratulations on your release! :)

Hi, thank you so much. Yes, that's totally ok. Please send me your game!

Looks amazing!


Excellent pack!!

Awesome! I am glad you like it! 🌌🪐

Awesome! I'm glad to know that!

Thank you so much for sharing it! :D I am glad these were useful for you!

Thanks for mentioned me on the credits! I hope you get lots of downloads!

I am so happy that you used these icons! thanks for your support!

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it!

Yes, you can use it for commercial use. Mention in the credits is ideal.

Thank you! I am really glad it's useful for you!


Thank you! Basically I made the voxel model in Qubicle and exported a turnable pngs, after that I edited some of the frames in photoshop.

You are welcome! I am glad you liked it!

Thank you <3!

I am glad you noticed! I was mostly inspired by doom and heavy tones for this track. Thanks for listening and commenting!

Cute and fun!

Nice! Please do!

Yes, for sure!

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oh thank you so much! I will edit it! Thanks for letting me know!

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Great atmosphere, nice work!

Please share your creations with these backgrounds in the comments!

Hey, sure! you can use them as emojis. Thanks for asking! I hope they are useful!

Hi, thanks so much for your comment.

Absolutely, you can use them in the Twitch channel. I am interested to see how they look, if you can please send me a link.

Thanks for asking!

Thanks for asking TIA! I'm glad you are using these assets. I hope you are doing well with your mobile game, feel free to share it when you finish!


Hi John, thank you so much for letting me know that you used Kawaii Icons, I’m happy they were useful. Congratulations for your game, good luck!!

I am glad that the icons helped to your website as well! No problems at all.

Hi! Yes, you can use it for commercial purposes 

Hello! I would like to add some of my projects to the bundle to contribute! Here are the projects I want to add:

Thank you!!


Yes, this is for commercial use under this license: would love to play your game once is finished, so please send the link.

Good luck and thanks for using my assets!