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A sublime dream that beckons to you from the edge of reality. Turn the sound up.

I like the diorama-like aesthetic of the scene, and the papercut graphics add a really cute personal touch. The controls took me a bit of getting used to, but that made me feel very satisfied when I finally made it to the end. Great job!

Very polished, cute and funny! Fans of Detective Grimoire/Tangle Tower will enjoy this for sure. The mystery strikes a good balance between having some layers and respecting the brief (60-90 minute) playtime. The mind palace mechanic is cool, if maybe a little underutilized in my playthrough, at least.

The best part is the title character. Star Seeker is a fun, snarky queer wizard detective, a little in the vein of Dominique Pamplemousse, whose energy and dialogue propels the whole adventure. Star deserves a full-length mystery--preferably with their own private practice, where they don't have to deal with incompetent, melodramatic cops!

I really enjoyed this quick, engaging gothic visual novel. Artfully captures the tone of a melancholy fairy tale with spare, evocative visuals and sound design. Perfect for autumn!

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Super unique concept!

a dark, dreamlike odyssey. very haunting.

Great use of Bitsy's features (and limitations) to create a unique experience with a sweet story.

Funny game with a clever concept. I think this could be a whole series.

This was a really interesting experience! I thought the animation style was very engaging and helped keep all of the text visually stimulating. Even though this is an early chapter, there's already a clear and interesting perspective on the ramifications of the globalized mining industry. I think this could be a very useful story for getting people to engage with an underrepresented issue.