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Ver very cool artistic style, I love the simplicity and the unique look to it. Animations would really be amazing.

Ya these animations are top notch, would be interesting to see them rendered with textures.

Some great artwork there, very good indeed, unfortunately it's not something I'd probably ever get any use other than inspiration but sometimes that's all you need.

You really have some of the best pixel art/animations on itch, just wish it were a style I could use in my project (top-down). Looking forward to seeing more art from you.

What is the tile size? 32 or 16? Very nice art, you certainly have a great eye for design. I'll definitely buy this if they fit my game size. Thx!

GMTiled community · Created a new topic Having an Issue

Hello, I would love to use this tool, but unfortunately I am getting a fatal error:

FATAL ERROR: 'height'
Sent a communication to GM: error