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You're doing the Lord's work with these Playdate ports! Keep up the great work! 👍

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Good luck, my friend! It's really hard! LOL

Haven't updated in a bit, but once I put 2 lil' guys on the screen, I realized I needed to refactor a ton of stuff before I can have fighters interacting with each other.

Nevertheless, I've been enjoying the process.

The boomerang mechanic is really cool! Kinda wanna play this on a handheld device to see what it feels like.

Got real good laugh at the third event! Good stuff.

I keep trying to rotate the pieces until I realized you can just place them anywhere, physics be damned!

Pretty cool!

Pretty cool concept! You definitely got something here. Look forward to seeing you refine this.

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They literally are sprites from Fatal Fury: First Contact on the NeoGeo Pocket! :)

I'm using Kim as a placeholder character to help develop the engine!

*Gordon Ramsay voice*

Finally, some good hecking food.

If you think this is a horror game, it's because you didn't do what the title asked you to. 😉

My Gail had a lovely time with the grand kids! 🥰

Booooo! You shoulda' tried remaking Windjammers, instead!