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Nice game. The story is there, and the visuals are there. However, the game gets a little easy and repetitive after about 20 PACS. I see they kinda speed up a little bit, but simply adding more PACS on the screen at once will add the difficulty previously missing. A simple clone script should do the trick. The health pack adds a nice touch of diversity to the game. And impact feels dull. When a PAC hits my SHIELD, I should feel it. An animation that plays when I kill a PAC would make the game feel more dynamic. Great game all around. Keep it up!

I never expected any one to make it to 1000, but you must be extremely patient.

Nice! My only complaint is the camera. Instead of making the camera a child of the egg, just make it a child of the "world or "level" scene and have a script set its position and rotation accordingly. Or, as an alternative, add a bit of smoothing to the camera to keep it from wobbling around too fast.

There is a difficulty variable in the game that I just had trouble implementing, it was either too easy, or too odd feeling. After the jam, I may add a better difficulty system.

I agree about the difficulty, I tried to do something about it and couldn’t figure it out. The bamboozled card wasn’t really obvious, so a guess it’s an extra bamboozle that you can’t don’t it. The real card is when you die with a score over 100. It just simply reminds you that you are wasting your time.

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glad you liked it :)

Sorry, I don’t have a way to test it on Linux. Maybe try it on a phone/other computer 

Wait till you fall :)

I like it! I see that the bounce pad's power is determined by the speed at which your egg is rolling.  Typical platforming with an egg-cellent twist. (I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself)