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Thank you! 

Yeah I might be looking into porting it to web, it might be a bit to heavy for web atm, but with some optimizations it should be doable! 

By trailer you mean the devlog?

Hi, a while back I participated in a week long game jam. My entry is a rather simple puzzle game called Buzzle, and I'm currently trying to decide if I should continue development, and make it a finished game.

The gameplay is quite simple, but I think there's potential to add more depth by introducing different level specific mechanics. 

Any and all feedback is much appriciated, and if you want to see a video about the process of making this game you can watch my devlog:

Thanks in advance!

Fixed a bug on level 02 which made it possible to walk outside the game area.

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Thank you! :) 

Nice job! I have to admit that I got help with some levels from my girlfriend, so I will have to ask her ;)

Thank you derabo! <3

I would be honored.

Hahah, yeah unfortunately I did not have time to more and harder levels. Maybe in the future!

Thank you! Yeah will try to make a post jam update with some more levels atleast!

Thank you! I'm very happy with the animations hehe.

Thanks! So do I :D


Thank you! :D

A short puzzle game, if you've got the time!

A short little puzzle game, and by short i mean short.

Thank you! <3

Thanks! Like I mentioned in a previous comment I really wanted to have the isometric style, which usually doesn't go well with WASD movement, so I had to come up with something to make it a little easier to control. A simple UI control visualiser did the trick :D

Thank you! I tried to brainstorm as many ideas as I could, but as soon as I got this one I just knew that I had to go with it.

Thank you so much! Maybe the future will bring even more amazing stuff to this game!

Thanks! :D

Thanks! Yeah I was a little bit afraid of the orthographic view together with 'awsd' movement, but I'm to big of a fan of the 45 degrees orthographic style to let it go.

Thank you! I would really like to introduce even more gameplay elements in the future.

Thanks! I might do a session some day when I have nothing to do and come up with some awesome levels, might even implement a proper level editor.

Thank you! I too wish it was longer hehe.

Thanks for the kind words! I really wish I had the time to polish the character animations a bit more. I might continue working on this project in the future!

Thank you!

Haha I'm sorry the game ending scene was something I had to scrap because of time constraints, maybe not the best thing to leave out!

Thanks! That would save the player from one click, but I wonder how long I should wait after a level has been failed before I reset it, sometimes the player might want to look at it to fully understand why he/she failed it.

Thanks! So do I! :D

Thank you! Yeah will probably make more levels, I might even do a simple level editor.

Thanks! :D

Thanks! Yeah really wish I had the time to add more levels, especially a really hard level!

Thank you ryankann, I lovee killing them aswell!

Thank you! Yeah sounds would definitely make it better, maybe in the future! 

Thank you! Yeah more levels and sound was something I had to cut because of the deadline. I always skip the sound on jams, and always regret it after.

Thanks for the kind words! Which block are we talking about? Will definitely try and fix that hehe.

I agree! As soon as the game jam is over I'll polish the game some more.

Thank you Pakmanlie!

Hahah I had the same thought! Thank you!

You can quickly drop any tool by clicking the right mouse button!

Thank you for the improvement suggestion though! There's really a lot of things that need to be improved (only had 24h free for this game jam). If I decide to develop this into a real game in the future, I'll keep your suggestion in mind!