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i havent played this yet but oohoohoohoo i like the style very much!!

you know its good if it was drawn with a mouse

ah no its okay really i was just roasting my broke ass

my mail: our life just updated

me: oh, boy, i cant wait to see this

the update: As for the public demo, I'm afraid this month won't have its usual expansion.

waiting for the full version of this

i wish there was more interaction with prince and glasses man, because there was no weight on my shoulders on choosing who i should choose (which was hiroto)

oh wow thats great to hear! ill be waiting for the updates then

this is a fun game holy crap

short, but still fun

the blocking mechanic could have been better, but i think its forgiven by the jojo references 

kinda curious

by any chance are you guys going to make like an extension for blood droplets, bec not gonna lie, the avatars in this are great, but the more cartoonic approach has a charm to it

i might be more willing to spend that 20 dollars idk

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so i caught wind on the steam community that you guys are planning to release a route for varg

just wanted to know if this is true so i dont get my hopes too high

either i wait 7 years for the free release of this game or i get a job and make that 20 dollars

do not test me

this is a great game not gonna lie, and i love xoxo blood droplets (especially jeremy, but we dont talk abou that) but DAMN do i want this extension