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This seems like so much fun so far! All the characters are really cute. The scenes with Bomb were really funny and I enjoyed the friendship between Eddie and Davis. It was also just really fun to get these tiny conversations with people and sorta build up the details about them over the course of replaying it.

All of the art is adorable, and I LOVE the design and color scheme for the interface. All the purple with the little yellow stars and moons just look so fun and magical.

Looking forward to this very much!

Oh, wow! I've really enjoyed the games of yours I've played, so this means a lot.

It's probably no surprise that Fluttershy is my favorite character, too, hehe. I'm so glad you enjoyed her characterization. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your nice comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Hehe, it was a lot of fun to write the Rarity and Applejack section, too.

I used sfxr to make my sounds! It's super old and theres probably better stuff out there now, but it's really easy to use and it can make some pretty neat sounds. I didn't have much of a process to it, really. I think they were all square waves, and I tried different pitches and different effects like rising or falling pitch for each character. Just sort of experimenting and seeing what feels right.

Thank you again for so many nice comments! This was such a wonderful thing to come home to.