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Thank you. Low#222 is my discord name if you have discord?

Sorry about that! I have the Free Foes pack here: It has selected sprites from all my paid packs. It should have directed you there if I mentioned free. I'll double check my posts for the correct link and fix that.

if you tried updating the visustella battle core plugin and confirmed the sheets themselves don't have that distortion on them then it's got to be something else.

you can incase anyone who has the same problem might find it useful. I can't help at all when it comes to program errors or bugs as I don't make any of the plugins nor have the knowledge to do so. I can't even begin to know why that's happening. I checked those sprites in my game and no issues.

Thanks. I will look into it. But if the images appear normal on the Sprite sheet itself it must be an issue in the program or plugin. I have never seen anything like that. I'll run some tests and see if I can replicate that effect.

these are good. I'll see what I can do. Dragons are already in the works.

Unfortunately I don't specialize in pixel art sprites. If you want 4  directional map sprites in a more 2d drawn art style then that's something I can do. 

I am definitely planning it. Any suggestions?

No they do not.

Not at all if you can edit it feel free to do so!

Thank you. I'll be adding some zombies to top off this pack in a month or so.

No problem at all!

Good catch I forgot he snuck himself in there.

i got tied up with other things for a bit but I am finally making my way back around to more of these very soon! Yes I'll definitely be making that class. Maybe my next one.

Yes its mostly up to date. I will be keeping that up  to date as well. Very happy to hear you like my works!

I'll be sure to make a clear list on next update. As long as you own rpg maker mz these are free for commercial use as well.

thanks for feedback. I think I'll update them and add a static sideview single image for each enemy. If you use a plugin for these as enemies it automatically flip them to face right. So that's already working as is.

Thank you and you sure can!

I am working on a beachside set, undead set, underworld set currently. They will also each get occasional added enemies at no extra cost. I'd like to cover all the common favorites.

Face graphics, possibly. The current focus will be to add a few more sprite sheets to each of the packs at no extra cost. Including the free ones.

Thank you very much. I also plan to periodically add more to these packs at no extra cost. 

Only if you own MV.  They are edits made from MV sprite parts.

Very happy to hear that and contribute!

eventually but things move very slow on that end and it's out of my control. I dont mind sending you a free update to speed things along.

Yes. This will be a steady update to all the characters very soon.

send me an email at if you need an update pack

Hi there. Sorry for the late reply. Feel free to send me an email at I don't have full control over when steam will be updated.

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Sure. You are definitely free to edit them. And thank you for double checking. I'll be sure to update the terms.

Thank you!

Sorry about that. You can request a refund through  e-mail Currently there's no way for me to issue a refund through my dashboard. 

Currently the battlers here have been updated to contain more and improved motions. Classic Heroes is delayed in their update but you'll be able to get the free updated version soon though steam or rpgmaker store. Let me know if the email support works if not we can try alternate ways. My email is

No worries. The problem doesn't seem to be on my end i'm not sure whats happening here. thanks for bringing this to my attention i'll be happy to resolve this even if the sale ends.

There will be a update very soon to both platforms for quality and more animations.

Hello! I have been specializing in 2D battler sprites for RPG's. Specifically for RPG Maker MV but can create sprites for whatever project you need. Please see my samples below. 

Prices can be  discussed per project. 

For RPG maker MV projects prices are as followed:

Pricing is broken down by individual poses/motions. Mv has 18 poses/motions by default. Your characters may not need to utilize every slot if they are strictly a fighter or mage.

Features: 1 Idle, 1 Unique Attack, 1 simple Cast, 1 Dead.

Features: 1 Idle, 1 Unique Attack, 1 simple Cast, 1 simple Damage, 1 simple Guard, 1 simple Evade, 1 Dead.

CUSTOM PACKAGE: Price per pose
Initial design + Idle Motion$35
Attack Motion$20 each
Simple Motions ( minor variations of the idle design) : $5 each
Unique Motions ( stances completely different from the idle design: Dash, Evade, Escape, Abnormal, Danger, Victory, Sleeping, Guard, Ready,): $15 each