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I've completed it. Damn. I have committed a terrible sins.

I'd totally complete this game but i'm not a sinner.

Does the game have an ending?Please answer! I'm so curious!


Looks great and all but i wish the effects of sacrifice would be explained somehow.

Like if there is a doctor and a baker in the row and you sacrifice the baker i'd think health would go up and G down but sometimes just 2 bars just go down randomly.

Glad i could help!

Interesting thingy! 2 plus frames to the walk animation would certainly make it better though! Another thing what  could be an improvement is to not have to hold d every time the row starts moving again.

Ain't a game but whatever.

Can you add a "do you want to quit" warning? I accidentaly pressed esc and now all my progress is gone and so is pretty much my will to live.

U can actually survive. Just don't press space. DO NOT PRESS SPACE.

Heya! The game is great! It would be cool to be able to turn of leveling for an extra challange!

A webgl version would be cool.

Pretty cool!I discovered a secret ending!


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Thank you!

Music is not playing so i will probably look into that in the future.


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Btw this is great for your first game ever!


This could be cool but how do i shoot?

Noice game,friend!You should maybe polish it ad some features and port it to android!