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Fun little game! I liked how there wasn't any time where it was impossible to dodge the rock even thought they spawned  seemingly randomly horizontally. Increasing difficulty would be good! And btw you can go out on the edges of the game. XD

Overall, a nice little game, thanks for making it!

Nice little game! Got really intense by the end.

The web version sadly doesn't load for some reason. I downloaded the zip and that worked though! Nice little game!

Nice game. Good job for adding the settings too.

Good game! Had some fun with it!

A fine experience! A bit hard to control.


It was a an enjoyable experience sometimes! Perhaps you could have made the birds a bit bigger and the them a bit more relatable to that of the jam.

Nonetheless, GJ!

Pretty fun and simple! You could explain the controls in the setting though! GJ man, fun game.

Not bad! I wish we could reload the game and try new paths though.

Pretty interesting! GJ! Some feedback : You could try to make the water not insta-kill you because, well it's just water. Sometimes the level generation made it impossible to progress forward! 

I liked it when it worked!

Not bad! I got stuck in a pit though.. XD Perhaps the idle animation is a bit too fast, but I enjoyed the game a bit!

A good submission in my opinion!

not bad!

Good game! I liked it!

You can go of screen. Unlimited points XD

A superior gaming experience

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Well the level is on one screen,so instead of teleporting you to the next level the level just changes the it's layout. Anyways,thanks for playing!

Made with Brackeys. : D

Thanks! Glad you liked the animation!

Here is my game :

I'm checking out yours!

Here is mine :

( ≧Д≦)

Nem volt rá elág a budget! XD

I got to admit the jumps aren't that polished! It's hard to get the hang of it but if you do you can surely get through that part! Anyways,thanks for playing!

Szia! Én vagyok a livennek a chatjéről! Bojler eladó meme 10/10 

Enjoyed the game,very much! Thx!

Good game! The things in it that could be designed well are designed well! I especially love how you used red and the triangle shape to show what you need to avoid!  you have 1 button and that already fits the the theme but a bonus to that is that you only have 1 screen! Good job!

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I've completed it. Damn. I have committed a terrible sins.

I'd totally complete this game but i'm not a sinner.

Does the game have an ending?Please answer! I'm so curious!


Looks great and all but i wish the effects of sacrifice would be explained somehow.

Like if there is a doctor and a baker in the row and you sacrifice the baker i'd think health would go up and G down but sometimes just 2 bars just go down randomly.

Glad i could help!

Interesting thingy! 2 plus frames to the walk animation would certainly make it better though! Another thing what  could be an improvement is to not have to hold d every time the row starts moving again.

Ain't a game but whatever.

Can you add a "do you want to quit" warning? I accidentaly pressed esc and now all my progress is gone and so is pretty much my will to live.

U can actually survive. Just don't press space. DO NOT PRESS SPACE.

Heya! The game is great! It would be cool to be able to turn of leveling for an extra challange!

A webgl version would be cool.

Pretty cool!I discovered a secret ending!