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G L U T E U S  M A X I M U S

Knew I'd find this here.

I'm pretty sure I've found every secret, but could I have a master list of them just to be sure? Loved this, got Banjo-Kazooie nostalgia now.

Two aces  22

Nakatomi Plaza is taller than I remembered.

What have I done!?

O nível 27 me deixou perplexo. Dica?

Does the game just end with you in your house? Is this the ending?

I have superpowers but nothing changes?

Is there any chance of you adding a quality option? I use a Windows 7 laptop and while the game is playable, it's a bit choppy. The boatmobiles are very slow. Also, it takes like ten hits to kill an enemy. Fun, though.


There is no ammo in the pool, so I can't finish it. I'd really like to.

Could you add a .zip option, please?

I cannot for the life of me figure out the puzzle. Hint, maybe?

I am seeing Jigglypuff in the picture at the top of the page, right?

I figured it out. Thanks! I had fun.

Windows 7, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

No clue about dedicated or integrated.

I'm guessing that when you use the drone on the broken window, it's not supposed to show Jonathan walking through the air. How do I fix this?



All I'm getting is a green and purple static screen.

I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong. I've killed all of the red shirts. I even blew off their heads. I can hear growling near the start of the arena, but no matter where I go, I can't find it's source. Looks like I'm supposed to get a message that says "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE PCMR".

Help, please!

Intriguing. Nice work.

You are number six.

Nice little game. What's the other game in the download with tons of sprites?

Ooh, spooky. Just making sure I'm not haunted.

So, I was in the sewers when I decided to type into the chat "I want to go home." The chat feed was kind of blurry, but I could read the words "You can't go home." If not those exact words, then something similar. Was that programmed into the game, or can the chat understand what I'm typing?

Really nice gameplay. What is pressing Enter supposed to do?

I tried that, but I seemed way too slow. :,(

Oh, okay. I thought I was looking at the mask that was currently on my face.

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I finally finished the game! So good. In the post-credits scene, my game suddenly got very laggy as opposed to running smoothly during the main game. Once I got to the top of the stairs, I was greeted by this:NorthBury Mask

Is this a normal occurrence or a glitch?

It's funny. I was debating whether to use the Friday the 13th picture or that one.😅

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Hey, could I get a .zip link for this one, too? Haven't beaten original yet, but I did come VERY close. Working on it!

P.S. .zip for Cultists and Compounds, too? I'm needy, I know.

Also, you're CAMPing with CRYSTAL. Not sure if there are any LAKEs in the area, though.

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Deleted old game, downloading new version. Can't wait!

Edit: That was spooky as hell! You've seen The Void, haven't you? ;) The noises in the game were on point. I saw the campsite, the cemetery, and the house. I'll have to play it again to see what other secrets I can find! I loved it this much:

Sweet! Thanks!

Is there any chance of you making this available in .zip format? I've heard great things and would really love to play it. Also a big fan of '70s and '80s horror. Your villain looks dope as hell. Help me out?

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No problem! MrKravin also played it, but the section of the video where he plays it is really short. He somehow found the house right away.😅

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Dude! Jacksepticeye played your game yesterday! He got spooked! It's the second game in the video. Congrats! Maybe Markiplier will follow suit...

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I think that they get thousands of suggestions every day, but I can sure try!

Edit: Looks like Jacksepticeye beat me to it 10 hours ago! That's one!

Edit: This is awkward, but the last edit was actually meant for another game. :( Sorry for the confusion, pal. It could still happen, though. I'll go suggest it now.