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You made R-rated Ski Free!?

So, there's no way to get past the fence to see who (or what) is out there in the distance?

Fan of Halloween 3, huh?

Did I leave reality? I can't find where I am on the map. Like, at all.

That's not really the solution I was looking for. Shouldn't I be able to play it on Windows 7 anyway?

I downloaded it, extracted it, restarted my computer after it had me install some UE extension, then it says this:

What gives?

I enjoyed it, but just one criticism. Make the clouds a different color than the rest of the sky, would ya? 9/10 Would burn lasagna again.

That ending...

It loads up, goes through a few screens, then it's a black screen and back to the desktop where I have to force close. Ideas, please? I'd really like to play it.

I like how we've become so jaded by horror that when nothing horrific happens, we're legitimately surprised.


You should really have the mouse lock on the screen.

Your name suits you.


I got freaked out when it said Robert.

Those aren't bugs. You need to do other things first.

Double-click on where it says Uncle Panko's Terrible Little Farm (the application, not the file folder). Then click Extract All. Now choose a place to store it and click Extract. When it finishes loading, double-click on the application again. That's it!

That kinda defeats the purpose of a jumpscare.

No clue what happened to our conversation, so I'll just say great work and leave it at that.

Works great until I get to the room with the green arrow elevator. Really challenging so far! Good job!

9.5/10 Would hang out again.

Can I play using a keyboard?

I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to even start the game.

C'mon, Henrietta just wants a soul, er, friend.

*puts on nerd glasses* Technically speaking, spiders are arachnids, not bugs.

Very addictive. A couple things that could be improved upon: Fullscreen option and the ability to drag and shoot from anywhere. Happy I found this!

Skeleton-Man, Skeleton-Man, does whatever a skeleton can!

Forgot about the folder under the couch. Nice little game! Love Shawshank.

No clue what to do with magnets.

I noticed the third guy had a beard.

Mine was Banjo-Kazooie.

I love how you thought of nearly every combo.

I'm both confused and a bit morbidly curious as to why this game is under the erotic tab.

This needs a ton of work. There is absolutely zero logic to this game.

Somebody played Scribblenauts...