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Thanks Ruben!

The swiniging feels really satisfying, great job on the game!

A fun game with nice visuals, I like it!


Thanks, the person who made the models did an amazing job indeed!


I'm a first-year DP from BUas, and I saw your game scrolling through and decided to play it and give you some feedback!

I have read the intake requirements, so my feedback will be based on that.

The game has some strong points, such as the double jump and checkpoint system, but could benefit from some additional features to increase the overall enjoyment and engagement of the player.

I also found the game to be a bit short, although the level is technically sufficient for the assignment, adding maybe a second level could give you more evidence to put in your intake powerpoint. Additionally, incorporating additional elements such as enemies or power-ups would add more variety to the gameplay, making it more interesting and engaging for the player.

Overall, the game has potential and with some additional development, it could be a fun and engaging experience for players. I'm guessing that this is your first iteration, if it is you could definitely improve for a second playtest later.

I hope this feedback helps and I wish you good luck with your intake!

- Robbin

(Also, Martijn said hi)