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Real fun game!  But the game became a little repetative at times. 

A really fun and well made game! I had alot of fun!

A short but fun game! I really enjoyed it! Very creppy idea!

I really enjoyed this gave me a quick scare! Ill make sure to look into the other endings aswell!

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I really hope this game is updated with more things to do ! I can see this becoming something really fun! Well done for making it in such a short amount of time! :)

Well done for making 

Really funny game! Defo would recommend to download!

Such a Fun Game! strangely addictive! Love the names for all the dogs!! would recommend!

The best spongebob horror game iv played! A really fun game!

A very short but very well made game! 

A very short and funny game!

A very fun short horror game! 

Pugs are rude! Great game to check out! 

This is a great horror game Definetly check this game out! Lots of scares to be had!

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 A short horror game thats well made! Defo check it out for a quick scare.


Worst Date Ever




A fustrating yet fun game

A short game but an a amazing one!

Such a funny game! So glad I got around to playing it just wish my computer ran it smoother!