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Hi all, I hope you're enjoying the latest build. We'd love to know how well it runs on your PC, so please drop by our forum and tell us about it if you get a chance:

Hi everyone, you can get a sneak peek at the latest developments in this thread on our forums:

We'll post a more detailed article with the main changes when the next build is released.

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Yes, there is sailing, and you can board your ship to enter sailing mode as described above. Sailing works like PotC, using W and S to raise/lower sails and A/D to turn.

As for ghost ships, there aren't any plans for supernatural elements in the core game. However, we will let modders add their own storylines and quests as additional downloads, which may include content like that.

Hi, the demo is only in English right now. Other languages might come later, once the game has more features.

The New Horizons mod is the template we're following, to a certain extent. Some features will be improved or implemented slightly differently to modernise the gameplay where appropriate (such as camera controls, fencing and UI elements).

Updates will come as often as we can manage, for now.