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Thank you for this great item! 

This actually REALLY useful! It took me a minute to figure out how to use it (in construct) but, once I figured that out, it really opens options for my program.  Thank you very much.

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It was just too many options for me.  The program works fine, but I didn't have the patience to figure out what views were what, etc. Overall I just think the older (High Fantasy) stuff was better suited to my style of graphics working.   It really just comes down to personal taste.   (Edit)  I was not very clear above. I miss the already pre-made "Sample" characters, the older packages contained. 

I really like PVGames, but I had trouble getting these to work correctly.   The program they use is a little more involved than I wanted to get into .   ?? IDK ?

Just want to say, REALLY nice icons! 

Not sure yet what I will be able to use but a GREAT deal. Thank You

I really like your animations (the rising skeleton is Awesome!). 

Interesting lot. One can never have too many items in there game art collection! Thank you,.

Nice music! If I had a use for it I would buy this right now.

I really like this style. did you every get around to animating them?

Thank you! 100% a-ok now

A VERY nice set of items. Thank You

A decent pack of effects. Graphics are a little on the small size though.

Is it possible to add paypal to the purchase options? I would like to buy this pack.

The Download file (.zip) seems to be corrupt it will not unpack correctly.  Is it possible to get that fixed? Thank You.