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Thank you for this great item! 

This actually REALLY useful! It took me a minute to figure out how to use it (in construct) but, once I figured that out, it really opens options for my program.  Thank you very much.

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It was just too many options for me.  The program works fine, but I didn't have the patience to figure out what views were what, etc. Overall I just think the older (High Fantasy) stuff was better suited to my style of graphics working.   It really just comes down to personal taste.   (Edit)  I was not very clear above. I miss the already pre-made "Sample" characters, the older packages contained. 

I really like PVGames, but I had trouble getting these to work correctly.   The program they use is a little more involved than I wanted to get into .   ?? IDK ?

Just want to say, REALLY nice icons! 

Not sure yet what I will be able to use but a GREAT deal. Thank You

I really like your animations (the rising skeleton is Awesome!). 

Interesting lot. One can never have too many items in there game art collection! Thank you,.

Nice music! If I had a use for it I would buy this right now.

I really like this style. did you every get around to animating them?

Thank you! 100% a-ok now

A VERY nice set of items. Thank You

A decent pack of effects. Graphics are a little on the small size though.

Is it possible to add paypal to the purchase options? I would like to buy this pack.

The Download file (.zip) seems to be corrupt it will not unpack correctly.  Is it possible to get that fixed? Thank You.

Bought this but didn't notice it had NO front view. :(