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the linux download is a .exe?^^

Sounds great! Thanks for the quick answer

any chance of being another tester? I would be extremely happy. Can't wait.^^
-> Fedora users here

Ok weird, GamePad works fine. Keyboard is still not working.  
Tested with Fedora32 (64Bit).


thanks for responding so quickly. 

 Got the DRM-free version via itch.

- I have tried it beside on Fedora additionally only on a vm with virtualbox ( PopOS with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS )  on my desktop.
- I have not tried it with a GamePad yet. But I will try it today and let you know. 

Thanks again for your time and effort 


unfortunately I cannot play the Linux version on several systems.  
Tested with my laptop and desktop PC. 

With Fedora32 on wayland the keyboard does not work. -> On both systems.  
Fedora and Xorg doesn't start correctly and either get a blackscreen or the window is spread over both monitors and gets stuck.

Then only a reboot helps. 

With PopOS/Ubuntu also no success (tastaturInput?) 

I would be extremely happy if you could have a look at it. 

The game is amazing and a lot of fun!!! 


- Ryzen5,Vega56,16GBRam...

- Dell Latidude...  

I'm very happy too. Thank you so much.