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Pleased to hear you still have the gift with the Z80 assembly. At least you had it in the first place ;-)

Looking forward to seeing the Next project soon!

You’ll be very pleased with it once it arrives!

Great news that the Next game looks like it has a green light! I had a fully refurbed A1200 from RP at the beginning of last year and it’s been great having an Amiga back in the house. 

Looking forward to further news as the blog grows!

It’s fully deserved! I know just how much work goes into making something as polished as this. I can’t wait for the docs! That’s going to be one of my next projects going though it to learn as much as possible. Keep me posted.

This is superb Steve and your dedication to make this the best you can on all fronts really shines through. There’s so much for people like myself to learn from this, so those docs are going to be highly valued once completed.

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It’s good to check back in I always think as it gives you an air of satisfaction as to what you are able to do now. I’ve a long way to go however the excellent manual plus your games and documentation have given me a superb start :-)

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No worries and thanks again. It’s unbelievable how far you’ve progressed from these to the latest games. It gives me hope! 😉

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You just keep giving! Looking forward to taking a look at these too :-) 

Big thanks for these.

I noticed the link to the video tutorial for Lander is not working. Perhaps an update needed? Found the playlist 😃

It’s not a proper release unless there’s a small amount of drama ;-) 

I was just about to message you re that and see you’ve found it! I’ll download the sprite file :-)

Thanks Kev - Looking forward to taking a look in more detail at this one hopefully soon.  Thanks again for the documentation!!! Fingers crossed for that awesome platform game in future ;-)

Pleasure Kevin!

That’s always the way that the documentation takes longer than the software :-) It does however make what you do quite unique on the platform at the moment. 

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Thanks for your work Kevin especially for the superb documentation which is going to be a great help for me.  Comments on Facebook also really helpful to get me going!

Cheers - Rob H

No trouble. It’s inspiring. 

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Super game. It plays really well and is very slick. 

A fine achievement!!

Thanks very much. I just donated a small amount that I hope helps you to continue to develop this and other great tools.  I really liked the small demonstration on layers.

Hi IH,

Great to hear from you. Thanks for the super fast reply and update.

That makes a lot of sense because I’ve just changed to using a new monitor with HDMI, I previously used VGA hence why I didn’t see the issue. I look forward to the next update soon.

Your work is great and really enjoyable - keep it up in 2024 :-)



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Hi, Happy New Year!

I hope I’m not going mad but I just downloaded the update and ran on my N-GO that has 2.08 and core and when I start the game the main player sprite is missing on the first screen If I load it up using 48k or 128k mode. If I select Plus 3 / Next mode it loads up fine and seems okay. Is this something you are aware of or is it my error? 

I also noticed that the main player sprite seems to flickr a lot more now. I checked the YouTube video and it looks quite noticeable compared to my original version. Perhaps this is to do with it not running in 128k mode?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards - Rob

Just one word. FABULOUS!

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am running CSPECT on Mac OSX via Mono which is working perfectly for Shovel Adventure and many other games but just not this one which is very strange. I haven’t tried ZEsarux as I’d invested time in getting CSPECT environment set up for my Next stuff. Perhaps you could find a way of testing on a Mac as I’m sure I’m not alone in running CSPECT via OSX - there’s quite a detailed set-up document on the official Next web site on how to do this.

The games are superb. Look forward to hearing from you.


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Enjoying the great game on my N-GO. However it is not working on CSPECT when I run on my MacBook Pro. Shovel Adventure works perfectly so I think a bug here somewhere?

After the title screen when I click the fire button the screen just goes black and the game does not start.

Look forward to news.