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drew a buncha stuff tonight and had lots and lots of fun with shake art deluxe! its not perfect, a little janky, but i like a little jank

it makes it more fun to use the program to me 

Thank you very much Studio Nokoi for making such a fun little program :D

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test 3

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test 2

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Hi, is there any way to resize the program (PC-win10)? I think this is such a fantastic and cute program and I adore it to bits! I just wish I could make the window smaller :'> 

Lovely choice of music too!

oh and here's a quick little trackpad doodle (test 1) i did to test it out :D

edit: not sure if it's just me, but there's a liiiitttle bit of an input delay (if i need to fill in a gap, i have to start the line back in another line in order to do it. this makes small details or short lines pretty tough to work with). I also have to double click to change tools which totally isn't a big deal and that one's probably on me...

edit2: after some more experimenting, turns out i have to double click... not sure what's up, but i feel like this is probably an issue on my end...

edit3: it would definitely be nice to have a "full canvas wipe" tool or a create new canvas option. A way to save color history (that doesn't wipe when the program closes, since that's the only way to clear the canvas as of writing this) would also be nice... actually, a way to save settings in general would be ideal.... Or at least visible number settings for things like the brush settings so they can be easily reset to the user's preferred settings.

edit4: It'd be very nice to be able to color sample the background! It might be an easy fix for a more precise eraser tool (but then again I'm a dummy that likes colored backgrounds, I'm sure a pure white background would make this work-around work)

So happy to see this game hasn't been lost to time. It's definitely a treat